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Google adds 35 more Web fonts to Blogger (Download Squad)

Jan 21st 2011 2:31PM If anyone has previously used Blogger and has NOT tried the new interface then really, do it, a massive improvement and I mean massive. Also, if you don't know, for more features (in beta but they never break...for me yet), always login at http://draft.blogger.com/ - it's much more enhanced than the regular login URL. Once login tick the checkbox for "Make Blogger in Draft your Default Dashboard" (or something like that)...

Gmail Labs features get easier to find with Instant-like search (Download Squad)

Jan 20th 2011 9:21AM What about an auto suggest based on usage for Labs features (kinda like Firefox add-ons)? That might be more useful for the average user who might not even know what Gmail Labs features are in the first place.

This seems more like a gimmick than an entirely useful feature, if you know what to search for in Gmail Labs you may as well just use the search function in your browser to find the text on the page.

Facebook temporarily removes developer access to your home address and mobile number (Download Squad)

Jan 18th 2011 1:22PM Does anyone know why exactly this information is actually necessary to be accessed in the first place? Using privacy issues to drum up more publicity seems to be the only way Facebook draws attention these days, apart from the new profile, which is already looking a bit tired and the promise of email (which hasn't appeared). If an application needs data surely it can request itself, without making it another 'grey' misleading tick box...all just smells tired, fishy and facebook...just plain dull...!

How to make only part of a cell bold in Microsoft Excel (Download Squad)

Jan 11th 2011 6:46AM If you work with Microsoft Excel a lot there are a ton of freeware tools here worth looking at (makes life A LOT easier) -

20+ essential programs for your new Windows computer (Download Squad)

Dec 25th 2010 3:42AM I would add a few things to that list - notepad++ (best text editor), photofiltre (simple, yet powerful grafix editor), 7-Zip, Wise Registry Cleaner Free (best free registry cleaner I have found), CDBurnerXP, Free Download Manager & Defraggler....Then I would say you have a pretty complete first install.