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Recent Comments:

Report: UAW boss calls Mulally's salary "morally wrong" (Autoblog)

Mar 23rd 2011 7:22PM Morally wrong? So this UAW chief is god? His salary is morally wrong then.

The case for an Apple stock split redux (

Feb 27th 2011 7:08PM The stock price does not reduce the ability of the small guy to buy the stock. All you have to do is buy fewer shares (buy 5 or 10 shares if that's all you can afford).

Report: D.C. council's Kwame Brown embroiled in Lincoln Navigator scandal (Autoblog)

Feb 22nd 2011 2:40PM I'm sure he'll be made out to be the victim in all this. This is demonstrably why the country is in such dire straights. Elected officials doing dumb things because they feel entitled. He should be recalled.

Infiniti Etherea Concept bows ahead of Geneva debut (Autoblog)

Feb 14th 2011 12:16PM Hideous ... more and more, vehicle designers are designing vehicles to look like human faces.

Spy Shots: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 caught sunbathing ahead of NY reveal (Autoblog)

Feb 11th 2011 10:04PM Am I to understand the SRT will have a tow package option? Thought the tailpipes were in the middle of the vehicle preventing a tow package install?

Report: $33M in EV tax credits went to buy unqualified vehicles (Autoblog)

Feb 4th 2011 9:02PM Further proof the Federal Government can't do anything right, has no clue how to spend and track our money, and is incompetent when it comes to choosing what's right for America.

As for those who took advantage of the program, they should be fined twice what they received and those funds should go to federal deficit (which is a drop in the bucket of course, but I'm sick of our elected officials spending more than we take in).

Opinion: Obama should have tapped Ford's Mulally for adviser role, not Immelt (Autoblog)

Feb 1st 2011 7:47PM Immelt was the worst possible choice. Obama is quickly and successfully taking all the right steps to become a one term president. Good riddance.

Average Apple salary is only $46k (

Jan 20th 2011 3:29PM You can't combine HQ and Retail Stores salaries, and then compare that to Goldman Sachs. It's non-sensical.

Missing Mac apps we hoped we'd see (

Jan 6th 2011 3:36PM iWork 11 is not released yet. iWork 9 is available as separate apps at a pretty reasonable price.