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The Trader of Stories is a beautiful point-and-click Time-Waster (Download Squad)

Nov 13th 2010 11:19AM Good game, though he could use a copy editor.

Microsoft attacks OpenOffice.org and open source with a damning video (Download Squad)

Oct 16th 2010 11:09AM Live Office (the Google Docs-type thing they're working on) would like to talk to you.

DLS Review: Dolphin Browser HD is an amazing browser for Android (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2010 8:32PM I have been using Dolphin for a while now... I actually started because it syncs with Google bookmarks. Now I don't know how I did without features like Adblock or gestures.

My only complaint, such as it is, is that I can't find any documentation on writing your own addons. No mobile browser that I've found can handle alt text but I bet I could write an addon myself no sweat -- if there were api docs somewhere.

Darkness 2 is a "spooky" physics puzzle - Time Waster (Download Squad)

Aug 22nd 2010 3:48AM In case anybody cares, right after Erez quit, it does in fact start to scroll, and yes it *is* disorienting. If you turn off the background music, though, it's pretty enjoyable.

Will policy support help Google Chrome make enterprise gains? (Download Squad)

Aug 20th 2010 9:02PM If your admins gave half a shit what browser you want, they'd already know about (and give you!) extensions like IE Tab for Firefox, which can do *precisely* what you asked for -- that is, use IE, embedded in a tab, to render specific pages based on a list you supply. But they don't do that.

If your boss gave half a shit about your user experience, they wouldn't *subject* you to terrible, terrible webapps that only work in ancient, near-unusable browsers. But they do.

Think about that next time you're on your way to work.

Google and Verizon introduce net neutrality proposal (Download Squad)

Aug 10th 2010 1:42AM This is not a hard problem to solve. Carrier prioritizes VoIP traffic over torrents: OK. Carrier prioritizes YouTube over Vimeo (for a kickback from Google): not OK. Now write a law.

AT&T's bullish earnings report suggests iPhone exclusivity is almost over (Engadget)

Aug 8th 2010 3:51PM @Starfleet Captain This confuses the hell out of me. I just checked Wirefly, and for two lines I found:

AT&T: $60 / voice + ($25/data) * 2 = $110
Sprint: $70 / voice + ($30/data + $10/4G) * 2 = $150

Granted, that's for less data on a network that's "only" 3G, but here in central Washington State, speeds between AT&T 3G and Sprint 4G are almost identical, and I only find myself using around 1GB/mo anyway. According to AT&T's statistics, 97% of their customers with data plans used less than 2GB anyway. Maybe if you need a "cadillac" plan Sprint is cheaper, but for the "budget" end of the spectrum AT&T comes out on top.

Apple patent controversy: patent diagrams look a lot like existing apps (Download Squad)

Aug 7th 2010 10:20AM Aaaand software patents *remain* a terrible, terrible idea that never should have gained traction in the first place.

BlackBerry messaging shut down in Saudi Arabia, users feel early withdrawal pains (update: it's back) (Engadget)

Aug 6th 2010 10:24AM @StockholmCole: Dude, it's *Saudi Arabia*. You *have* no "civil rights".