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Pre-order Mass Effect 3 on Origin, get Battlefield 3 free (Joystiq)

Feb 15th 2012 12:57PM Don't have Battlefield 3 yet, is it still enjoyable multiplayer for a casual FPSer or is it pretty much full of uber players now that don't cater to newbies?

All of Skyrim's books are now available for your reading pleasure (Joystiq)

Nov 26th 2011 2:40PM Are they a good read? or only if you're totally into Elder Scrolls lore? I've played all the games, but don't think I'm a lore-addict though (i.e. haven't read any of the Elder Scrolls novels)

House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut trailer is wall-to-wall impropriety (Joystiq)

Jul 21st 2011 9:48PM This game was amazing on the Wii, especially co-op. Honestly, this is the only game right now that's making me want to buy a Playstation Move (gave my Wii system to my sister, barely played it)... but then I'd want to co-op as well, so game + 2 controllers gets expensive and I wuss out.

Portal 2 $35 on 360 and PS3 at Kmart Sunday, $30 on PC at GameStop (Joystiq)

Apr 28th 2011 12:49PM I just wish I didn't have to drive to K-Mart and also have to pay tax. Sounds like a normal thing to do right? But Amazon Prime has ruined me.

Steam offering 13 indie games (including Super Meat Boy!) for 75% off (Joystiq)

Apr 2nd 2011 1:08PM I have many of the games in the pack, if I get the pack, can the extra copies be regifted to my friends? I remember a couple of packs back in a Steam sale, those extra copies were "lost", Steam didn't allow you to regift them.

PAX East 2011 attendance 69,500; officially becomes biggest PAX (Joystiq)

Mar 14th 2011 3:27PM PAX East this year compared to this year was amazing, every room was bigger and even though there were lines (only the most popular stuff... G4 Live, Portal 2, etc), almost everything else you could get into.

The only bad thing? What was up with the huge floor area with those 5 carnival type trucks and their really bad food? Seriously, please, get some good food in there and try not charge 5x more for it, especially since there's barely anything good to eat around the convention center.

Torchlight XBLA cancelled in Japan due to text bug [update: It actually never existed] (Joystiq)

Mar 9th 2011 11:38AM If it was a translation text bug, I wish Microsoft had released it anyway, then at least Japan would finally know what it feels like to get bad translations from across the ocean!

Torchlight XBLA review: All the loot, half the noise (Joystiq)

Mar 9th 2011 10:58AM Played this a lot on my PC, eventually stopped. Great fun, but like others said, it got kind of repetitive and there was too much loot (but I LOVED that your pet could go sell it for you, so the loot point is moot).

I probably would've finished the game if it had co-op, online or off, but that's what Torchlight 2 is for I guess.

Dragon Age 2 review: A world of your own creation (Joystiq)

Mar 8th 2011 1:07PM Will get it... but not for $60. Come on Steam sale...