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Half of all companies will continue to use Windows XP after it retires in 2014 (Download Squad)

Nov 3rd 2010 7:50AM Companies are not in business to install operating systems on their computers. They are in business to make money doing what they're good at doing, be it real estate, restaurant supplies, banking, chemicals, or any of thousands of other things.

For these companies, their computers are a simple tool, like their telephones. The PBX business may have changed by leaps and bounds, but most companies don't need their phone system to do anything fancy.

Likewise, they don't need their computers to do anything extraordinary. XP finally gave them reliable computing. And they can get their real work done now without much hassle.

So they won't change just for the sake of change. Nor should they.

Their sysadmins are there to keep the XP computers running and the XP computer users happy, nothing more, nothing less. They're not lazy, just task-focused.