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Engadget's recession antidote: win an HP MediaSmart Server LX195! (Engadget)

Jul 20th 2009 4:24PM I want media server please.

Insignia NS-HD01: first-ever portable HD Radio on sale at Best Buy (Engadget)

Jul 12th 2009 12:17PM I don't understand why they didn't include a gig or memory and add mp3 playback functionality. It would have been much more useful of a device with that added.

5 very basic things Windows 7 still isn't any good at (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2008 10:33AM I disagree about setting the clock. I like the way vista handles a click on the "time". Usually when I would click in that area it would be to bring up a calendar so I could see what day of the week a certain date fell on.

FriendOrFollow: who's not following you back on Twitter? (Download Squad)

Oct 14th 2008 10:11AM Perhaps one day track will return and tools like this will matter a whole lot less. :-)

mooColorFinder finds web colors (Download Squad)

May 19th 2008 7:05PM Be careful...Tmobile might use this to find magenta infringers.

Plumeria (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Jun 4th 2007 11:14PM Why not create a Mahalo page for this rather than link to Wikipedia? :-)

So, where the hell are our Core 2 Duo MacBooks? (Engadget)

Sep 19th 2006 9:57AM Actually two manufacturers. Lenovo hasn't launched yet either.

Blu-ray camp can't get 50GB titles to work? (Engadget)

Aug 29th 2006 4:04PM Man did sony choke with Blu-ray. They were close to getting HD-DVD to fold, and now look where they are. the end of the day, both formats are simply the same as Video on Demand or digital downloads except that as physical media they are less useful. :-)

Microsoft exec avoids confirming Vista release (Engadget)

Jul 28th 2006 4:30PM A "current XP-powered setup already does everything we need it to" except make our systems secure.