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Twitter for Windows Phone shows off slick new Metro interface (Download Squad)

Oct 28th 2010 4:24PM The first screenshot confuses me, what is a "trer" ? LOL

Multitouch casing could remove buttons from iPhone, iPad (

Sep 24th 2010 2:45PM "no practical way to put the functions of a ... home button into a touch-only interface."

Well, Palm did it with the Pre, simply swipe up to get the launcher. Swipe left in the lower gesture area for back. I could go on and on, but since Apple takes pride over functionality, they would never implement anything like that. That's the same reason I can resize a window on my Mac by the bottom right corner only. They might make nice stuff, but they're still design snobs.

Nine cool CD Art Display skins to showcase your music (Download Squad)

Jul 27th 2010 6:53AM Ah, the glass effect - making images look crappy since 2002.

WTF? Hey, I have an idea, lets cover 1/3 to 1/2 of the images with a gray circle so it looks like the glare on glass that everyone hates! Ya, that's it!

Apple: We want our device back (

Apr 20th 2010 12:58PM Yeah, I don't like mockery either, you know, like the Mac/PC ads Apple does.

Seriously though, I've read Gizmodo for quite a while, and I think it was just a lame attempt at humor - something Giz is not very good at.

Dear Apple, did you listen? (

Apr 7th 2010 7:19PM You guys don't get it do you? Apple tells YOU what is best and what you should want, not the other way around.

Firebug web-developer debugging add-on version 1.5.2 now out (Download Squad)

Feb 25th 2010 4:20PM Yeah, before Firebug wouldn't display the CSS for me, now after updating to this version, Firbug does not work at all, and does not display anything in any pane. POS!

Microsoft reveals browser ballot screen, rollout begins next week (Download Squad)

Feb 19th 2010 8:43AM Cool! When does Apple have to implement this? LOL

Apple issues warning about location-based ads in iPhone apps (Download Squad)

Feb 5th 2010 12:22PM Imagine the backlash if Microsoft were to ban any reference to Apple on the Windows platform. There would be fan boys screaming anti-trust from the mountain tops.

Apple's new iBooks sure looks like Classics iPhone app (Download Squad)

Jan 29th 2010 11:29AM I think Jason's whole point is that fan boys are constantly screaming about other people copying the Apples interface and ideas. Then when Apple does it they become totally silent on the issue.

Manpacks offers automatic delivery of clean undies to helpless men (Download Squad)

Jan 16th 2010 12:15PM If you can't put a cup of soap in a washer and turn a knob to "Whites", then you're no man.