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Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text (Download Squad)

Oct 6th 2010 2:48PM Let's see, you say the idea is "completely stupid" (a pretty harsh and absolute criticism, basically not allowing for any alternatives to your precious Lorem Ipsum). You cite that Lorem Ipsum is used to keep clients from being distracted by the text.

When Mark A. points out his personal experience (and cites the personal experience of Cameron Moll) that users are in fact sometimes distracted by Lorem Ipsum (essentially defeating your argument for Lorem Ipsum), you then counter by AGREEING with him that that does in fact occur ("This is a generic problem for all designers"); so you're basically saying that Lorem Ipsum doesn't solve the problem of keeping users from being distracted (at least those "new to the process").

You then argue that "you would STILL have problem (sic) whether it's lorem ipsum or Moby Dick". OK, so you're saying BOTH can cause the problem (where's the argument for Lorem Ipsum now?). You say you "just have to explain" to your clients--so why can't you just explain about Moby Dick etc. (do you think the clients are too stupid to learn to ignore one type of text but not the other--mine can, and so apparently can Mark A.'s since he says he's used text from Sherlock Holmes. Maybe it's just your clients)?

Then you ignore Mark A.'s additional arguments about using an alternative for his own personal/internal work (no uneducated user to be distracted) and for non-English users for whom Moby Dick et al makes as much sense as Lorem Ipsum.

Instead you follow up with your original argument that you've already helped defeat:
"Being distracted from the design because you're looking at the text is bad." (yet you acknowledge it happens with Lorem Ipsum) "Any argument you make for the use of legible, distracting text has to beat that argument" (I guess Lorem Ipsum would be "illegible, distracting text"). Mark A. made three arguments that beat it (and more afterwards, as did Daniel B. below).

As Mark A. said, it's an alternative tool, free to use (I'll take this moment to say a public thanks to whoever built the site for making it available to everybody--and don't even get me started on the lack of appreciation and obnoxious sense of entitlement by the guy that says fu).

Hey, I think I know where I've seen Ambrose before: http://bit.ly/djr9Dk