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Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text (Download Squad)

Oct 5th 2010 2:44PM Yes, it could go on forever, so I'll make this my last comment in this thread :) "Any argument you make for the use of legible, distracting text has to beat that argument" I made two arguments already, but here goes:
1. For my own use (for internal apps or apps that I'm the content creator for, so therefore I'm the only user to have to worry about, and personally I don't find it distracting),
2. For clients that I have a relationship and know won't be distracted by something other than Lorem Ipsum (I do contract work for other designer/developers quite a bit)
3. For mocks for users that don't read English, so it's just as "unreadable" as Lorem Ipsum

There are other arguments against lipsum as well, such as it doesn't accurately reflect real language (punctuation, contractions, internal quotes, etc.). And the counter-argument about Lorem Ipsum itself being a distraction on occasion is still being ignored; as Cameron Moll recently said about this "Then again, I’ve had clients ask why there was Latin text in the their comp and what it meant".

Ultimately, it's just another tool, the appropriate use of which is subject to the discretion of the developer. I think blind adherence to Lorem Ipsum as a panacea for all design situations is "completely stupid".

Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text (Download Squad)

Oct 5th 2010 2:18PM Fillerati works perfectly well in IE9 for me (the part you refer to is in conditional comments for IE8 and below).

Maybe it's because he built an app in 48 hours and didn't want to devote the extra time to code for a browser that has been nothing but "arrogant" when it comes to ignoring web standards for so long.

I can't speak for the creator of the site, but as a web developer, I don't suppose what is the best browser for all the people, only what's the best browser for people who want to view apps I build that don't limit the features I can include and don't cause me to spend more time accommodating browsers that refuse to follow standards. If Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera (and even IE9) all render my app the same without extra code, then perhaps it's not too difficult to conclude that the problem lies with IE8-

Based on what the site says, the developer of this site did this on his own, in a short time period, presumably self-financed. Maybe he'd be willing to devote the extra time to accommodate IE8 and below if you're willing to pay for his time in doing so (do you work for free for your clients?).

Instead of an insult, perhaps you're willing to negotiate a reasonable hourly rate with the developer to accommodate your unwillingness to switch from IE8.

Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2010 8:52PM "You just have to explain..." sounds great in theory, but as Yogi Berra said, "In theory there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is." And since you paint the picture of a patient and discerning web designer, I'm sure that designer wouldn't choose the paragraphs about what dismemberment (unless maybe their client was Greenpeace). I don't think (and in fact know from personal experience using alternate content before this generator) that they don't ask "why is this text here?" (pasted from Sherlock Holmes).

Which still doesn't address the non-English argument or for my own internal uses/enjoyment :)

Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2010 8:14PM If you've had as many clients as I have get caught up reading Lorem Ipsum and badgering me with questions about "why is that text there?" and when being told that it's just faux latin filler asking "well, what's it mean?", (and some refusing to believe it doesn't really mean anything--well anything relevant to them anyway), you'd know that the "whole point" of lorem ipsum is often defeated anyway :P (you're also assuming all users of this app speak English).

At least this way you can say, "it's from Moby Dick, now get me some real content!"

Or for those who, like myself, design web apps (as opposed to web pages) for which no content will be forthcoming from the client (because it will ultimately be user-generated), having something as an alternative that only I will see to test layout is somewhat refreshing (I agree with the site's creator, I'm tired of lorem ipsum). I may not be alone:

Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2010 7:54PM The slider isn't Flash!! It's HTML/CSS/JS, all you have to do is view the source. The Flash is there for cross-browser copying (says so in the footer). So I guess that makes the site 10 times cooler after all :)