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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 12th 2011 12:11PM Aw, I love downloadsquad. There's not really any sites that cover good new windows programs anymore. It's all about smartphones and tablets these days.

Save your tabs and Panorama tab groups in Firefox 4 (Download Squad)

Apr 4th 2011 12:11PM Panorama is a nice idea, but it's not implemented well yet. It's too slow, the previews are too blurry and low resolution, the window comes up way too small, and the animations are unnecessary.

Meet the man behind Halo's multiplayer announcer (Joystiq)

Mar 30th 2011 2:58AM I'd rather meet the guy behind the Unreal Tournament voice. Way more iconic in my eyes.

Shoot Many Robots preview: What it says on the tin (Joystiq)

Mar 22nd 2011 11:50PM I'm just glad it's not another zombie game. I love zombies and all, but we've been smothered lately. On the other hand, shooting robots sounds like a lot of fun.

Achievements top on Xbox Live Indie devs' wish lists (Joystiq)

Mar 18th 2011 11:44PM The Xbox Live indie just needs a better interface. It's hard to find quality stuff from the mountains of junk like baby maker and office affair. How about genre categories? Top downloaded this week? Top downloaded of all time? Hot this week?

Google lets users block sites from search results (Download Squad)

Mar 10th 2011 5:45PM Finally! A way to block Experts Exchange

Microsoft hiring for 'next-generation console' engineers (Joystiq)

Mar 8th 2011 2:02PM Thank god. The 2005 hardware is starting to look embarrassing. But to all the developers worrying about having to step up the art quality, why not just make the framerate reasonable first? Even the best looking game with a bad framerate makes it look lame.

Wheel friction removed from GTA IV, chaos ensues (Joystiq)

Jan 14th 2011 10:15AM I used to have a lot of fun with the GTA3 handling editor. Not only was it possible to change the friction of the wheels or the mass of the vehicles, but you could also change the center of gravity! When I was driving a modified SUV, I turned a corner and the SUV rolled to its side. It jumped into the air unnaturally, and started flipping and spinning like a boomerang. It flew up into the sky spinning ridiculously fast until it hit the vertical limit and burst into flames. Totally awesome.

Handmade adventure The Dream Machine available for pre-order (Joystiq)

Dec 21st 2010 12:51AM Indie Gaming is getting pretty big right now, especially with the ridiculous steam sales. It's like Valve is trying to single handedly save PC gaming.

Tomb Raider Trilogy combines HD Legend, Anniversary and Underworld on PS3, retail listing says (Joystiq)

Dec 19th 2010 3:13PM Great package. Legends and Anniversary were great games. But that Underworld was pretty much unplayable with its faux-open world nonsense.