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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Translucent (TUAW.com)

May 19th 2011 5:37PM @TrikyGizmo - I can only give you what I experienced when testing this app. I compared it to iStat Menus and iStat Pro and found it consumed more CPU time. Honestly, I was disappointed when I found this so double, then tripple checked, all with the same result, displaying the same machine statistics. Of course depending on different machines, your milage might vary, but beyond that I don't know what I could have done differently for the Daily Mac App feature.

TUAW's Daily Mac App: DeepFocus (TUAW.com)

May 19th 2011 5:20PM Agreed, but for those tied to a Mac, at least there is another option.

TUAW's Daily Mac App: ColorWash (TUAW.com)

May 18th 2011 4:15AM I'm afraid that San Miguel is purely of the Spanish variety, related, but not produced by the San Miguel of the Philippines. Confusing though, as they're all called San Miguel.

TUAW's Daily Mac App: Shuttie (TUAW.com)

May 17th 2011 6:48AM Agreed, but then 'built into OS X' doesn't make for a great Daily Mac app ;) We didn't say every app featured would be stellar, or be the only way to do something, only that there would be an app featured and we'd tell you what we thought.

Frankly, if any of you, our dear readers, have wanted to do this, you'll probably have found some sort of app, or system to do it already. But on the off chance, here's an option to consider :)

Theory is that by covering one a day, we'll have a good library to choose from in the near future.

TUAW's Daily Mac App: MenuPop (TUAW.com)

May 17th 2011 6:34AM It just puts the menus at the cursor, not the menu bar itself. Everything else stays the same.

TUAW's Daily Mac App: MenuPop (TUAW.com)

May 17th 2011 6:34AM Unlucky, I didn't have an issue on my 2011 15" MBP. Maybe it was a software conflict, you got anything unusual running?

TUAW's Daily Mac App: CmdVees (TUAW.com)

May 14th 2011 5:13AM I've spoken to the developer and it was US$0.99 at the point at which I wrote the review, but it was put up to $4.99 as the review was published. So I wasn't going mad, just unfortunate timing.

Honestly, at $4.99 I can't recommend this app. There are better priced, or free, alternatives.

TUAW's Daily Mac App: CmdVees (TUAW.com)

May 12th 2011 3:41PM You're very right, could have sworn when I first took a look it was only a buck. Anyway, corrected, cheers.

Amazon Cloud Player now streams music on the iPhone and iPad (TUAW.com)

May 9th 2011 1:20PM Sorry mate, all out of ideas.

Amazon Cloud Player now streams music on the iPhone and iPad (TUAW.com)

May 9th 2011 12:10PM Did you try logging out of Amazon.co.uk and logging into Amazon.com before you tried going there? I take it you've already set up your Cloud Drive? Which you need to do before hand through the Amazon.com site.