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Chris Brentano

Member since: Nov 3rd, 2006

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Free Software Foundation Hiring (Download Squad)

Jun 9th 2009 11:27AM I don't understand. Do you want to denigrate the people who work for the FSF, and Stallman (even if you disagree with his appearance), or are you actually trying to encourage people to apply? Maybe turning down the snark would help you write with more clarity.

RIAA: Bundle copyright filters with anti-virus software? (Download Squad)

Feb 8th 2008 6:42PM Simple solution: Use open-source anti-virus software. Like ClamWin. They can't force open-source projects to do their bidding, but they can 'partner' with commercial anti-virus vendors (like Symantec) to include filtering for copyrighted material.

But in reality, it would be absolutely stupid for an anti-virus company to partner with the RIAA in this manner, because it would drive people to competing products or to open source products. So, if theoretically Symantec did partner with the RIAA like this, their competitor would be smart to do the opposite, and then market to Symantec customers with messages like "Don't like Big Brother spying on your personal music collection?", etc.

Will it blend? If it's an iPod, you betcha (Engadget)

Dec 14th 2006 9:58PM That was awesome. I love the campy production style.

Microsoft takes a swipe at Apple's "I'm a Mac" ads (Engadget)

Dec 14th 2006 3:29AM It's not even funny. I mean, really, it's not even a GOOD spoof. I expect better, Microsoft.

Windows Vista wallpapers (Download Squad)

Nov 28th 2006 12:00AM One of them is from Mac OS X, and at least 2 look like something off DeviantArt. Still a nice collection of wallpapers though!

Corel is teaming up with Mozilla (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2006 2:16PM This is lame. Mozilla is supposed to be a poster child of the open source movement, so bundling a closed-source word processor seems like a step backwards. Why not bundle OpenOffice or AbiWord?

Steve Jobs doing what he does best... (Download Squad)

Nov 3rd 2006 6:55PM Boom! That was huge.