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Gmail ads will start learning from your email habits (Download Squad)

Mar 31st 2011 10:00AM "no Google employees will secretly read your emails" Really? Like how an employee *didn't* do exactly that last year?

I'm not a fan of Cnet, but here's a good enough article:

@NyaR, it already knows that.

@TheGM Chrome is the only browser that contacts the browser maker's servers EVERY time the application is started, not just once throught the day like other browsers. Not saying I agree with either, but Chrome is worse. No one can opt out of this. Also Chrome collects other data that you can opt out, but it is not anonymous like they say it is.

Firefox 4 startup gets faster (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2010 10:49PM They are similar. This segments tabs but BarTab give you granular control, if you haven't unloaded a tab and don't unload it after some time, when you open Firefox I think it will load that tab as normal.

Firefox 4 startup gets faster (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2010 10:07PM 5hRreDDy, some people hibernate their computer. On Windows, this means the power is shut off but the memory is written to disk - you don't need to to close off programs.

Ask Mozilla a question (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2010 9:34AM 2. They are moving the tabs into the title bar. Opera already put the O in the Opera button, people didn't know it was a menu, just like Office 2007, and later Opera added the text "Menu" on it, for Office 2010 it was changed from a completely ambiguous icon to something else.

3. Merging that soon, this is pretty much guaranteed.

5. There are actually absolutely sound usability reasons why this should not happen. It's not about not liking change and that it's another feature.

6. Yes, eventually. Before they do though, they'll try to make a simpler thing that helps people achieve goals (currently called Taskfox but it won't be the final name).

7. Definitely, I've heard others are already doing so.

8. Prism is actually a lot more powerful than Chrome's implementation. Chrome's is essentially just a link. Zimbra is an example of the power, we're talking about desktop integration and other stuff like parts of the Javascript standard that IE have only just implemented and Opera and WebKit don't have. Javascript 2 is closer to a real programming language.

9. You can use Firefox for Mobile on a Windows 7 tablet, it's better suited to it anyway. I think they have actually done something to make it read touch input, I don't have a source though.

Chrome and IE 8's implementation of process isolation is actually process-per-domain, not process-per-tab. I know others don't see it, but I personally see a winner in Panorama, it's actually quite a good interface and has a lot of potential.

Ask Mozilla a question (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2010 7:53AM 1. Other than identifying areas ripe for conversion to turn to Javascript from C++, what are other areas people can help?

2. Process-per-domain, Jetpack extension architecture, in-tab preferences, about:labs in Chrome are all ideas that came from Mozilla, do you think putting these ideas and research out in the open hurts Mozilla because others try to and do implement some of these first?

3. Since version 3, Firefox has had low memory usage (which can be seen in about:memory in the nightlies and and and part of the perception for high memory usage is that part(s) or all of Firefox was not multi-threaded. What is Mozilla doing to inform people of this out-of-date information from 2.x about the "memory leak"?

4. What is Mozilla doing to inform people about the amount and depth of information collected by online advertisers and the steps that people can do to protect their privacy and mitigate against the abuse of Flash cookies (there is at least one legal case happening now)?