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Diaspora's "open Facebook" source code riddled with security issues (Download Squad)

Sep 17th 2010 10:25AM Wow, you are pure brutal! Lets put this into an HONEST perspective please...
#1 3 months of hard work coding: yes there's bound to be bugs
#2 its pre-alpha: it's meant for developers silly! not for the average user. that's comparing apples to oranges...
#3 everyone, EVERYONE was complaining for them to give status updates. And now that they RUSHED to get it out in a PRE-ALPHA, you state the OBVIOUS, that its riddled with bugs... wow. are you being paid by facebook by chance? hmmmmm?

I have plans of offering decentralized hosting of diaspora and other social networks at my site: pplsnet.com

but i admit, I would love to have it a bit better than what it is right now, but these are college kids.. its summer, and hey, I've always wanted to go to "burning man"...LOL