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Poll: Lion's "natural scrolling" vs. "reverse scrolling" (TUAW.com)

Jul 27th 2011 6:18AM I must have a special computer because when I scroll down the wheel on my mouse, the web page moves down, and when I scroll up the web page the moves down. I guess that's Windows only.

'Lost' - 'The End' Recap (Series Finale) (AOL TV)

May 24th 2010 4:14AM So are Hurley, Ben, and Desmond dead? I am still confused about this. Were they dead in the sideflash to begin with or is it something they made up to "meet and greet" before they moved on? I'm not disappointed, but I'm not excited either, I am just glad this show is finally over!

Court Rules Cable Owned Stations Have to Be Provided to Satellites (AOL TV)

Mar 13th 2010 1:12AM Not to mention that not anyone can just call up Comcast and have it at their house sense it's not available everywhere.

If 'Idol' Producers Get Their Way, Howard Stern Could Replace Cowell (AOL TV)

Feb 6th 2010 2:27AM I used to watch Stern when he was on E! and if he's still just as bad or worse in the way he did things on there, I don't see how he could tone himself down for a show that the whole family should be able to enjoy.

Don't count on Fox giving up Glee for Obama (AOL TV)

Sep 4th 2009 1:31PM I still don't understand why it even matters if the president's speeches are on the local networks. Most people have CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News; if the people want to watch it, they will find a way to watch it. I could careless either way, I don't plan on watching the President's speech because I am tired of hearing about the same stuff on the regular news and I don't plan on watching Glee either, just as bad as High School Musical.

Why was the Grim Reaper at the All-Star Game last night? (AOL TV)

Jul 15th 2009 3:54PM I wonder if Peter Griffin was anywhere nearby?

Survey says: online television is a fad (AOL TV)

May 24th 2009 12:42AM One thing that seems to amaze me, is that I know a good few people with a flat screen hd tv, and they have a computer, but they have never thought about hooking up their computer to the tv. Most tvs have a pc video input and just think about watching YouTube and Hulu in high resolution on the 37 inch tv screen.

The new Star Trek flick has started a Trekkie civil war (AOL TV)

May 9th 2009 10:30PM These so called Trekkies need too look at it as a movie for the masses, and not an original Star Trek movie (meaning created by Gene Roddenberry). A lot of people will go see it just to see it, a lot will go to see it because they are a fan of Star Trek. In other words, it's Abram's theory of how things went down. I want to see it because I am a fan of Simon Pegg.

Oprah and Mutual of Omaha are fighting, for some reason (AOL TV)

Apr 27th 2009 11:10PM Mutual for Omaha has those commercials who are "the official sponsor of the Aha Moment", which I fail to see how they can trademark it, just like Sci Fi decided they can't trademark Sci Fi.

The wax figure of Bob Saget looks just like Brad Pitt! (AOL TV)

Apr 21st 2009 11:33PM I would have said the octomom x2....