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Firefox 4 tentatively scheduled for a February release (Download Squad)

Jan 14th 2011 3:40PM @SilverWave just dropped this morning.

Did Microsoft Russia leak the new Internet Explorer 9 user interface? (Download Squad)

Aug 25th 2010 2:21PM Looks like the far right button is a settings/tool/options type button, not history btw. I actually don't mind the look of this and the back button being cut off isn't that big of a deal. Maybe there's more to it like animations or something too if you hover over a specific area of a toolbar, tab, page, etc. I am not sure about the tab bar on the same line as the address bar either. I guess they don't want to blatantly rip off the tabs on top idea everyone is moving to lately, so they're trying that out. I like the tabbed groups idea, but I bet this may be just some sort of "idea" layout or something. Guess we'll see in 2-1/2 weeks or so.