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Google Chrome now uses SPDY HTTP replacement, halves page load time (Download Squad)

Apr 11th 2011 10:00AM @Seb, brah, you're missing a colon ( : ) in your anchor.


Ask DLS: What's your favorite mobile app at the moment? (Download Squad)

Mar 17th 2011 2:57PM @ipodious - I assume you have a landline? Are you under 20 or over 50 in age?

Google Instant Previews come to iOS and Android search (Download Squad)

Mar 8th 2011 1:54PM They need to deploy this on the desktop - scrolling down and highlighting the search results on the page. Mousewheel ftw.

Personal Activity Monitor tracks time you spend using desktop apps (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2011 10:19AM thank you thank you download Squad... that's why I read this site... unique gems like this. trusted valuable download suggestions.

Chrome OS "panels" and Google Talk Chrome Web app go cross-platform (Download Squad)

Feb 26th 2011 7:24PM I'm on the latest dev build, I have flash, I have the webapp, and I have the command line flag in my shortcut, but all I get is a new window that says:

"Sorry, this app is not designed for your system. This application runs on Chrome notebooks and does not support other operating systems."

I guess I need a later build? What else am I doing wrong?

Google Docs spreadsheets gains hidden grid lines (Download Squad)

Feb 24th 2011 8:36AM That's fantastic, Spreadsheet is definitely Doc's best app. But why do they have no love for their bastard child of Docs, Documents. :~~( The formatting abilities (or there lack of) are horrible.

Maybe I'll try to duplicate my document in Spreadsheet today... Seems to be where all the action is. :p

Ask DLS: What's your primary Web browser? (Download Squad)

Feb 16th 2011 1:57PM @corfmanj - Time for another poll!

Ask DLS: What's your primary Web browser? (Download Squad)

Feb 16th 2011 1:00PM @tma - I'm sure even then you'll find some neurotic and paranoid excuse.