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Fillerati is a wonderful generator for filler text (Download Squad)

Oct 5th 2010 3:16PM To the lorem ipsum purists out there, congratulations on being a species I would have never thought to exist in the biological class Anal, genus Retentive.

Sometimes you need real text to give you a sense of text looks like on your site. Here is a good reason lorem ipsum sucks:

Latin's average word length is over 5.9 characters, while English is about 4.6. If you are targeting English, or other Romance languages with similar structures and cognates, lorem ipsum will not represent text your site will likely display as accurately as the source material from a source native to the targeted branch of languages.

There's some empirical thoughts for you punkish comment trolls, how 'bout them apples?

Apple awarded patents for Slide to Unlock, keyboard letter pop (

Aug 18th 2010 11:19AM My patent filing: A voting system that uses user initiated clicks or touch events on a minus/plus or up/down icon to sends data to a remote server which is used in calculating a new score.

Apple is a retardonkulous offender of the Open Web, creates walled gardens as far as the eye can see, and yes these patents are way too general.

PS - Slide to unlock type UI has been around since the early days of JavaScript library sexiness, there was one based on Prototype and Scriptaculous that was a drag slider element that performed an action - stop saying it was new clueless consumers!

BTW - I just patented up/down comment voting above, so if you down vote me I will sue you. lol.