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Holy sh**, Grooveshark iPhone app now available in the App Store! (Download Squad)

Aug 12th 2010 9:45AM "Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I can't think of another app which has made the jump from Cydia to the actual App Store."

Remember, before App Store, there was only Installer / Cydia. Probably the only one that you'll easily recognize that made such a transition is Tap Tap Revenge. Back in the 1.x firmware days, when it was first released, it was called Tap Tap Revolution, a bit of a nod towards DDR.

So, no, anyone that has played Tap Tap Revenge has used an app that was born during the jailbreak-only era, before the official App Store released.

Heh, I remember when Apple was talking about how Web Apps were the thing when they were showing off 2.0...