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Adobe releases 64-bit Flash Player 'Square' for Windows, Mac, and Linux (Download Squad)

Sep 15th 2010 3:31PM They're currently releasing 64-bit versions of nightly builds, so hopefully they'll hit when 4.0 goes stable. Though, they haven't been offering 64-bit beta builds, so I can't be too sure.

An early sneak-peek at Google's real-time search results (Download Squad)

Sep 8th 2010 2:21PM Seems like a neat feature for people who actually go to google.com to initiate seraches, but for someone like me who does 95% of their searches from the search bar in the top right corner of the browser, it's only seems useful for when I occasionally have to refine my searches.

Twitter Tuesday - third-party Twitter apps take a beating and keep on tweeting (Download Squad)

Sep 7th 2010 10:38PM Glad to hear Twitter for iPhone will be supporting push. I use Notifo exclusively to push Twitter updates to my phone, but I've never really liked using it (or SMS). It just isn't integrated as tightly as I'd like it to be.

Apple reveals iOS 4.1, with Game Center, HDR photos, and bug fixes (Download Squad)

Sep 1st 2010 3:24PM Nothing useful to me in 4.1, but printing support for 4.2 sounds good. There have been some times when I wanted to print something off of Mobile Safari.

Facebook spam infinitely more effective than email spam (Download Squad)

Aug 26th 2010 1:51PM This is no surprise. I get a bunch of spam in my news feed every day!


Minimalist Facebook extension de-crapifies Facebook's layout (Download Squad)

Aug 18th 2010 3:28PM It seems the answer is no. Bummer.

Minimalist Facebook extension de-crapifies Facebook's layout (Download Squad)

Aug 18th 2010 3:25PM Anyone know offhand if this script will work in tandem with the FB Purity userscript? Guess there's only one way to find out.

Idea Informer provides a public way to collect visitor feedback (Download Squad)

Aug 7th 2010 3:12PM Sounds really similar to UserVoice. Both websites even refer to it as "Feedback 2.0".