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Joyswag: Duke Nukem Manhattan Project (Party like it's 2002!) (Joystiq)

Mar 10th 2009 8:10PM Darn it. Now I'm too young to play Duke Nukem. :(

Trailer of 'Entrenchment' for Sins of a Solar Empire shoots lasers, flies around (Joystiq)

Feb 22nd 2009 12:45AM Protip: When learning how to play, set AI to easy and disable pirate raids.

Contest: Mirror's Edge Giveaway (Big Download)

Feb 12th 2009 11:34PM Entering for the drawing. :)

Contest: Red Alert 3 game and swag giveaway (Big Download)

Dec 19th 2008 5:08PM Here's my entry.

Contest: Galactic Civilizations II game giveaway (Big Download)

Dec 19th 2008 5:07PM Here's my entry.

Contest: Demigod game giveaway (Big Download)

Dec 18th 2008 9:02PM Here's my entry.

Joystiq impressions: Animal Crossing: City Folk (Joystiq)

Oct 6th 2008 8:19PM @Lionbacker:
Same thing happened to me. :(

Giveaway: OpenSUSE 11.0 box set with all the trimmings! (Download Squad)

Jun 19th 2008 10:33PM Well, free beer does often cause a person to utilize their free speech. ;)
I guess it's a good thing that both exist it this world. They're kind of like Yin and Yang. You can't ask for a beer if you can speak, and there would be a lot fewer people speaking freely if it wasn't for free beer.

Court: Turnitin does not violate student copyrights by scanning homework (Download Squad)

Mar 26th 2008 1:18PM Apparently SOMEone isn't bothered that teachers will often blindly accept whatever Turnitin.com says and fail a student because they used a phrase that someone else on the far corners of the internet used on their blog.
I don't have an issue with Turnitin.com, but teachers need to actually read the originality report. Many teachers get lazy when they use things like this, figuring that it's doing all the work for them.

Keep track of your stuff with MediaMan (Download Squad)

Mar 5th 2008 4:44PM Daniel:
Thanks for the Libra recommendation! Now I've just got to find that dang Cuecat.