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A Message From the Team (Portalblog)

Dec 21st 2012 6:38AM Sure AOL how much profit did you make of this tragedy ? On my homepage I couldn't believe I had to watch a commercial before I was able to play a story about this event.That means AOL is actually making a profit off woman and children getting killed. just makes me sick thinking about all the profit these big companies are making exploiting this and replaying story after story collecting the cash. So again how much did you make of this tragedy AOL. It almost makes me wonder if you guys hope for this stuff just to collect on it.

Add a Windows 8 user tile to your Windows 7 taskbar (Download Squad)

Apr 7th 2011 3:28PM Downloaded couldnt instal sais it needs the right program to open it and I dont know the one to choose. I'm use win 7 ult 64 with all the latest ms updates. Wish I could use it.

Apple keeps antennagate alive with Droid X's 'kill switch' (video) (Engadget)

Jul 24th 2010 4:08PM I am glad Apple is showing us other phones have the same problem. I still have time to return my Iphone 4 and I was woundering what I would buy to replace it. I like the 4 very much and as with the 3gs I would never use it without a good thick case for protection. The bars dropping problem doesnt effect me at all because of that. But I was mad when I put my finger on the spot and the bars went down thinking Apple screwwed up. I do now believet this is an issue with alot of the other phones to some extent. I am just about possitive I am not returning this great phone. Stuff like this if it's true shows me I couldnt do any better then the Iphone 4 right now.