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Sweden's Pirate Party set to launch private, anonymous ISP (Download Squad)

Jul 20th 2010 10:14AM Problem with this party is the name, their ideas are good. Filesharing is fine unless it's commercial...but the name suggest that they want to steal everything.

System Nucleus is a powerful Windows diagnostic, backup, and reporting tool (Download Squad)

Jul 13th 2010 1:09PM This program gives errors when certain modules are being loaded.

.Net framework 4 is installed and reinstalled after error occurred.
.Net framework 4 work with any previous framework so that is not the problem.

Man who invested $1000 in 2003 claims present-day 84% stake in billion-dollar Facebook (Download Squad)

Jul 13th 2010 10:04AM We all know that Zuckerberg took in a lot of cash before starting Facebook, only reason he succeeded. 50% of the software and 1% each day in development sounds really stupid, who would fall for that?? It's shifting me towards that this is true.