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Camtasia 7.1 giveaway and video review (Download Squad)

Nov 15th 2010 2:06PM I was just thinking about this (type of program).

I would like to win one

DirecTV drops G4, says it's 'among the lowest rated networks' (Joystiq)

Nov 4th 2010 11:44AM Come on DirecTV, how many shopping channels do you have! To me those are all worthless. Even more if you are going to take a channel away then My monthly bill should drop. (even just a little). I mean I'm not getting the same service I was paying for.

Even more, Attack of the Show and X-play should just be bought out or moved over to Spike TV. Those are the only two shows that network has. If Spike bought those shows I bet more people would watch them.

Kinect Joy Ride review: Driving in the 'so?' lane (Joystiq)

Nov 4th 2010 11:07AM That really isn't much of a Review. What is good or bad about the game? how is the game play? All this was is a general idea of the game. That is part of a review, but part of a quick lazy review.

When I keep reading all these Kinect Reviews. It surprises me so much on the difference in them. If the game is generally good, then it seems like people can over look some of the controller quarks (which is bound to happen). others seem to focuse on the quarks and then say the rest of the game is crap because of it. Its really hard to figure out how good a game really is with Kinect. Honestly there might be a bigger learning curve then what people were hoping for. Maybe thats why the games don't get as good of reviews. Its not meeting our Exception.

Kinect guide: a preview and explanation of Microsoft's new full body motion sensor (Engadget)

Jun 18th 2010 6:30PM I think they need to figure out the sitting down. Or more have games that only use your hands and not your feet. Because honestly nobody wants to play a driving game standing up. Most of the action games (even for the wii) you stand up for, and that is fine.

I actually think they need to make some type of controller that it is, is buttons. (I think they had something like that for some Trivial pursuit game) .

Even more I would mind them making some type of gloves that you put on that help you get some type of feed back so you know when you are hitting the blocks or petting the cat. But I guess the gloves would have to allow the camera to still see where you hands are.

I think Kinect is a good start, and I think there well be some games for it. But I don't know if its a long term thing. Except for sports (standing up) games I just don't see it.
One of the things I hate about the wii is how they try to get all clever with the controller (maybe because they have to). It ends up not being that fun or intuitive, all because the controlling sucks.

Project Natal to cost $149 by itself, $299 with 360 Arcade, according to latest rumors (Engadget)

May 27th 2010 2:27PM If Natal is the most expensive out of the three Microsoft is going to loose.
(which they can afford to do).
They well need to at least match what the PS3 Move is.

They also need to throw in a full game, you might get buy with some Xbox sports or something (That you can play over live). But just buying some big black camera, with out a good game, people are going to pass on it. Even if it "super" and "way fun"

Windows 7 SP1 coming this summer? (Download Squad)

Jan 18th 2010 2:35PM Exactly. Most people don't move onto the next OS until SP1. They feel thats when all the major release bugs get fixed.

The sooner Windows 7 can have the Sp1 tag, the sooner they start selling more

Netflix streaming purportedly hitting Nintendo's Wii next (Engadget)

Oct 28th 2009 6:33PM With this coming on the PS3 and wii it seems like Netflix is pushing this more then Nintendo or Sony.

I don't see why they can't do this with just a firmware update? I mean isn't that what the Disc is going to do anyways?

Are you going to have to put the disc in every time? LIke is the disc what connects back to Netflix? So its not going to be like a wii channel or an option in PS3 menu?

This is why it seems like Netflix is pushing it. Like they went to Nintendo and Sony and said he can we allow a program to run on your system that lets it stream our movies? Its just strange. I wonder if Sony or Nintendo are even getting a cut? Probably not as much as Microsoft is with there integreted features.

I don't really see Netflix on a wii catching on unless it was a channel. I feel the bigger reason to stream movies is for HD! If I want a DVD I could to red box?

Panasonic's 50-inch 1080p 3D plasma spotted, watched at CEATEC (Engadget)

Oct 7th 2009 11:59AM I wouldn't mind wearing the glasses if its dark and you don't get any other light bouncing of the rims or something.

I would hope they make another type of glasses that would sit closer to your face.

The thing is, I find this a good idea for movies. But I think the possibility is bigger with Video games.

I mean think of playing Natal (no controller) in a 3d world! Or even wii sports on a 3d TV!!!!

If I was Microsoft or Sony or Nintendo I would be spending my time trying to figure out how to do this on the gaming machine. Now days the TV has to be built for it. But if they can figure out how to do this on Plasma and 120mhz LCD's, even with some glasses in HD. Would be way worth it! They need to buy that Nvida Technology that does 3d for games on your computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials leaves beta, available for download 9/29/2009 (Download Squad)

Sep 30th 2009 2:28PM I have been using the beta sense just after it came out. Over all not bad for being free. Good enough and easy enough for what I need in my Vista and W7. My only grip is that uses Windows Update to download new definitions.

Most other free programs don't have or want access to windows Update so tell them to go out and get the update.
The problem is most people don't trust Microsoft with there updates. I know I don't. So I don't have them Automatically download. I have it notify me when there are updates and then I choose to download them or not. before I would get a notification maybe once a week of a Windows Update. now with being a part of it, I get one almost everyday (for a while there I was). So now I have to manage Microsoft Updates and when I want them to install. AND I have to always make sure I get the latest for Essentials. I wish there was a way to allow Essentials to update on is own like other programs, with out going through windows Update.