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Auslogics Disk Defrag 3.2 gets smarter, faster (Download Squad)

Apr 11th 2011 12:07PM How do you compare Auslogics to the one from Piriform? Which one is better?

Firefox 4 now available to download, official release tomorrow (Download Squad)

Mar 21st 2011 2:38PM Feels unfinished for some reason. But performance on par with IE9, little (I mean very little) sluggish compared to Chrome( in relative terms, there is very little to differentiate them in speed, but, as I like to crib....). Seriously better than than FF3. The best add-on ecosystem on the planet.

Ask DLS: How did your Windows 7 SP1 upgrade go? (Download Squad)

Feb 23rd 2011 5:46PM @richard.gailey

Same times approximately. Have a T6670 on my thinkpad.

Ask DLS: How did your Windows 7 SP1 upgrade go? (Download Squad)

Feb 23rd 2011 3:45PM Failed 4 times before a restart solved the issue. The error before reboot was 8020053.

Kindle for Android updated with integrated store, zoom, move to SD and more (Download Squad)

Dec 19th 2010 12:16PM When are QR patches going to become more popular in use?

Chrome Pig extension checks Gmail, takes screenshots -- and lets you set clipboard images as wallpaper! (Download Squad)

Oct 12th 2010 11:10AM It is a really good extension. The gestures are extremely smooth and the input is consistent in registering in the browser unlike other extensions. There is no problem with the gesture input disappearing before you are able to complete it. Can somebody tell me what the unknown plug in the task manager of chrome below pig is?

Microsoft Security Essentials now provides free antivirus protection for Small Businesses (Download Squad)

Sep 22nd 2010 7:31PM I think this is going to be the release of MSE 2.0

Internet Explorer 9 fever generates 2 million downloads in two days (Download Squad)

Sep 21st 2010 2:38PM IE 9 GPU acceleration actually works. Why don't you try running an HD video online in vimeo or youtube. The CPU usage in the task manager is going to show you that it uses only half that of any other browser's. You cant beat that. They have nailed it.

How to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 (Download Squad)

Sep 18th 2010 11:08AM The IE9 uninstall is clean. No problems with any system files. The IE9 settings stay the same in IE8.

SPlayer is a lean, powerful video player for Windows (Download Squad)

Sep 10th 2010 1:13PM Uninstallation leaves all the folders and the start menu shortcuts. Not clean enough for me. Pretty looking though.