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Russian firm successfully unlocks encrypted BlackBerry backups (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2010 5:45PM I sure hope you can set a longer unlock code than 7 chars.

Norton's best idea ever: Hack is Wack! contest, featuring Snoop Dogg (Download Squad)

Sep 2nd 2010 8:57PM Wouldn't Snoop be more at home with Kaspersky's Green Zone?

Windows DLL exploit could cause problems, and there's no immediate fix available (Download Squad)

Aug 25th 2010 5:00PM So would disabling the WebDAV service prevent this exploit from working?

PC vs. Mac -- Microsoft continues the war with a new website that compares Windows 7 to Mac OS X (Download Squad)

Aug 10th 2010 10:16AM Last time I heard, OS X market share was dropping, and Windows 7 sold faster than any other OS. Why is this site even necessary?

Slightly NSFW: Stuck for meal ideas? Just ask "What the f*** should I make for dinner?" (Download Squad)

Jul 21st 2010 10:51PM I'D SAY EAT ****, BUT THAT WOULDN'T BE HELPFUL, HOW ABOUT SOME *******

Love these single serving sites.

Sunbelt Software unveils ClearCloud, an anti-malware DNS (Download Squad)

Jul 14th 2010 11:46AM And I thought the Sunbelt buyout by GFI was gonna suck. Oh well, guess I'll try this out.

Giveaway: Win a copy of Immunet Antivirus 2.0 Plus! (Download Squad)

Jul 7th 2010 5:02PM Might as well test it....

Why Ubuntu Netbook fails in real life (Download Squad)

Jun 29th 2010 4:27PM Trying to enter a sleep state in Ubuntu is still a crap shoot, which is BS.

Foxit updates free PDF reader to v4, but watch out for adware (Download Squad)

Jun 29th 2010 4:21PM Think I'll try out Sumatra then...