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Banshee music player now works in Windows, supports Amazon MP3 downloads (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2011 1:04PM It's definitely an Alpha, but it looks interesting so far. The icons are considerably unpolished, but I like the general layout they're going for. I must admit I've grown quite attached to Foobar2000, but I'm not dead set against alternatives, and I like where this one is going.

My main problem with it at this stage is actually the same problem I have with a lot of the software that originated on Linux: it doesn't respond to the "scroll wheel" on my laptop touchpad under Windows. I prefer keyboard shortcuts in The GIMP and Inkscape, so I can get by there, but I am not mousing over to the scrollbar every time I want to navigate my library - it would drive me insane.

Save your tabs and Panorama tab groups in Firefox 4 (Download Squad)

Apr 4th 2011 12:12PM I just have Firefox set up to always re-open my tabs from last time instead of a home page on start up. That behavior automatically saves tab groups as well.

Gargantuan SQL injection infects 3.8 million URLs, installs rogue antivirus (Download Squad)

Apr 1st 2011 8:22AM "All you can do is keep your antivirus and anti-malware software up to date, and pray. "

And, of course, "distrust everyone". NoScript for the win, as it were.

Granted, it's entirely possible that one of the sites I've already marked as safe is now one of the zombie horde, but it's a place to start, at least.

Firefox 4 Friday: 25 million downloads, anti-aliasing, and how to make it look like Firefox 3 (Download Squad)

Mar 25th 2011 2:16PM The RSS button has been moved out of the Awesomebar and out to its own button - when you're customizing the toolbars, it's labeled "Subscribe" in the button list. I suppose this is handy for the sake of customization, but I would have thought they would do something in the same vein as the Reload/Stop button. Ordering the controls Location box > Reload > Stop combines the Reload and Stop buttons into a hybrid Go/Reload/Stop button attached to the end of the box, so I would think Location box > Subscribe > Reload > Stop would condense down and put the Subscribe button back to the Awesomebar as well.

Or, you know, you can just use the extension to put it back in the Awesomebar where it belongs. I went with "RSS Icon In Awesombar [sic]" as opposed to "RSS Icon" - I prefer the look of the full orange square over the orange outlined version - but it does the same thing.

Google Chrome changes its logo... again! (pictures) (Download Squad)

Mar 25th 2011 12:31PM I use the Chrome stable channel, so the matte icon hasn't trickled down to me yet. The Internet is inherently resistant to change, but at least this time I suppose I can see how people could dislike the redesign. Personally, judging from the full size up there, I like it a lot better, but if they decided to change it back, that's fine too.

Ultimately, I'm going to use or not use a program based on the program, not on how the program represents itself in my taskbar. Chrome is my choice for a "secondary" browser, for when I need to quickly check my other GMail account, or for when I had to watch Rebecca Black's "Friday" music video but didn't want YouTube tracking that in my history and recommending me similar things. I'll enjoy the new icon for the 2 days it takes version 11 to cycle through, then life will go on.

Must-have Firefox 4 add-ons for Chrome and Internet Explorer converts (Download Squad)

Mar 23rd 2011 12:20PM @Sebastian Anthony
Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Over the years, I've tried quite a few browsers and approached each completely willing to let it change my opinion. However, despite an occasional cool feature or another trying to entice me away, the one thing that has kept me coming back to Firefox every time is the depth and breadth of customization options available. And, given that Firefox has around 30% of the worldwide browser marketshare, I would imagine I'm not the only one. So, while lines such as "if you want speed, security, functionality and full-featured add-ons, Firefox 4 is the only browser worth talking about" certainly exude a pro-Firefox opinion, they're also completely true for a presumably sizable chunk of the Internet.

I debated with myself for several hours after reading the first comments condemning this as an advertisement as to whether it was my place to post anything. My intent was primarily to contest the perceived position that everything must be unbiased to the point of sterility to be worthwhile. I did not, however, intend to make claims as to your favorite browser in your stead, so I do apologize if I overstepped my bounds there.

Must-have Firefox 4 add-ons for Chrome and Internet Explorer converts (Download Squad)

Mar 22nd 2011 7:51PM @Matt Burris
Forgive me if I'm out of line, but I feel inclined to defend Sebastian here.

I don't think a tech blog has the responsibility to be under the same onus of staunch impartiality one would expect from a traditional news outlet. It clearly states the author at the top of every post, so after a while you begin to grow accustomed to and even anticipate the biases each author is likely to bring with them. It's less factual, perhaps, but a lot more human, and I think that's kinda the point of a blog.

In the time I've been a DLS reader, I've become reasonably certain that Sebastian is an avid Firefox user himself. A quick glance at the archive shows he is the author of 12 of the last 15 articles with the Firefox tag, as well as the regular curator of the (increasingly infrequent) "Friday Firefox Five" feature. Given this assumption, I would posit that the pro-Firefox sentiment you detect is more the fault of his own personal preference leaking into his writing than any heinous marketing malfeasance. Since Firefox 3.6 had to carry the torch for so long, the "new browser smell" with Firefox 4 is quite pronounced, and I imagine the first few articles after a long-awaited browser release would be rather fun for a fan of that browser to write. I know I was wishing I had kept my personal blog so I could gush about how cool Panorama is...

Of course, I'm a Firefox guy - have been for years and no competitor has ever come close to swaying my mind. I'm likely looking through some very rose-colored glasses of my own, but I don't see any misconduct here.

Corel VideoStudio X4 giveaway (Download Squad)

Feb 22nd 2011 1:44PM Say, I could use something like that. Let's toss my hat into the ring as well.

InPrivate Browsing made easy with Internet Explorer 9 pinned sites (Download Squad)

Feb 15th 2011 4:00PM I failed to mention, IE9 also has InPrivate as an option in the jumplist, which seems to me to be a lot "safer" than having a nice big icon pinned to your taskbar that points toward something you don't want your computer to remember. ;)

InPrivate Browsing made easy with Internet Explorer 9 pinned sites (Download Squad)

Feb 15th 2011 3:53PM I haven't used the Firefox 4 Beta enough to know if they've added this - I rely on too many Firefox addons that haven't been updated for the betas - but I know Chrome has "New incognito window" as one of the tasks in the jumplist, so it's just a right-click away. Seems like the best possible solution for quick access to that feature.