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Russell T. Davies in The Times (AOL TV)

Sep 17th 2008 3:53PM If the doctor was to suddenly change genders, you'd have a full scale revolt of Dr. Who fans.

Hey, today is the start of TV Turnoff Week! (AOL TV)

Apr 21st 2008 4:44PM I don't own a television... should I turn off my Hulu?

Top five shows people couldn't "get" (AOL TV)

Jan 10th 2008 7:57PM Pretty good list... but don't forget Get A Life... oddly surreal series starring Chris Elliot as a 30 year old paperboy... here's a synopsis from one of the episodes (from Wikipedia):

While on his first trip to the city, Chris gets slipped a mickey and realizes his wallet is missing. A local news crew films his plight and dubs him "Walletboy", making him the darling of the city. Everybody shuns him when it turns out that he just left the wallet at home. Chris dies of old age while waiting for them to forgive him, but in the end, fifty years later, Chris's skeleton gets a parade by the now-forgiving townspeople.

Ahhh... good times...

Conan will pay his own staff if/when NBC lays them off (AOL TV)

Nov 30th 2007 12:43PM It has a lot to do with the fact that Ellen is also a writer... or at least claims writer credit for her show...so she's seen as a scab.

How is your favorite show affected by the WGA strike? (AOL TV)

Nov 15th 2007 12:47PM That will pretty much kill Family Guy... I, and many other loyal fans, won't watch the scab episodes and it seems unlikely that MacFarlane is going to want to come back to work with Fox after this. He's the voice of the three main characters on the show! Who wants to watch something not quite as funny with characters who don't quite sound like themselves? :P

WGA Strike: Networks threaten to lay off staff (AOL TV)

Nov 9th 2007 7:55PM How about Ellen Degeneres? She's dropped the monologue on her daily show... but continues to do it because it's sweeps.

Family Guy in trouble for wishing upon a star (AOL TV)

Oct 9th 2007 4:49PM Yeah... good luck Disney. The Supreme Court already settled this when they voted in favor of Larry Flynt in Flynt vs Falwell. Parody is protected under the first amendment no matter how offensive.

And wasn't Walt Disney a notorious anti-Semite anyway? Pot - Kettle - Black.

Why is George Lopez on Nick at Nite? (AOL TV)

Sep 14th 2007 7:37PM There are so many obscure and OLD sitcoms that Nick At Night / TV Land could be showing that it just makes me wonder what they're thinking.

Producers find more ways to ruin the Emmys (AOL TV)

Sep 13th 2007 12:47PM I don't understand... who watches award shows anyway? If anything interesting or embarrassing happens (ahem... Britney) the clip will be on the nets before the end of the night.

Read my lips, TV Guide Channel: Shame on you (AOL TV)

Sep 12th 2007 7:48PM The TV Guide Channel is the kind of cable "bloat" that made me cancel my cable and give away my television :P