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Peppermint Ice is like Chrome OS without sacrificing local apps (Download Squad)

Jul 25th 2010 2:09AM Well, Lee Mathews :

Isn't it you who have written this, not too long ago?

"Peppermint isn't tightly integrated with a cloud backend the way Chrome OS or Jolicloud is. And heck, if you threw Prism and Dropbox on a Windows XP system and called it a cloud OS people would point and laugh.

There was a time when "yet another Linux distro" (no offense intended) would have been quickly shrugged off by non-Linux tech bloggers. Is the fact that Peppermint wasn't ignored a sign that attitudes toward Linux are changing? Or does it just tell us that if you throw the word "cloud" into your PR materials that more people are willing to pay attention?"

I'm happy to notice that you finally found the positives of web centric Linux OS's and that different versions may and should exist without necessarily overlapping each others.

What's all the fuss about Peppermint OS? (Download Squad)

Jun 14th 2010 12:28AM What is it wrong about this article?
The author picked up a comment made somewhere, that says:

"ReadWrite Web's Sarah Perez referred to Peppermint as "A new Linux OS for the cloud"

Then, the he translated the sentence

"Linux OS for the cloud"
"Linux cloud OS"

Does the meaning of the two sentences is the same? I am sure it is not.

- Cloud OS mean that the "cloud" is embedded in the OS.
- Linux OS for the cloud, mean that it is a normal Linux OS, where part or all of the included software allow the use of "cloud" applications.

Let's compare this two sentences:
- Linux OS for the students
- Linux students OS

Linux for students and Linux made by students: Is this the some thing? Sure not.

Then, the answer to this question;
...does it just tell us that if you throw the word "cloud" into your PR materials that more people are willing to pay attention?

I can comfortably think that the world "cloud" was used in this article as "PR material" to the public, to "pay (more) attention" to it.

I'm so sorry Lee, how could you have fallen in your own trap?