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Scrybe - the online productivity suite I'm dying to try (Download Squad)

Oct 20th 2006 12:30PM I'd gladely fork over my money for this software, rather than anything microsoft has to offer.

Wonderful job nicely done, Baig

Windows Vista not quite ready yet (Download Squad)

Oct 20th 2006 3:22AM jordan, how much did microsoft pay you guys for advertising their vista crap ?

ever since eversince, vista's not ready for the public. do you guys really need to bring it up 10 times a week ? how about RC version distro one might ask, lets face it- its a complete crap. seriously, 600MB just to run a non crucial app called AERO? even when its widely distributed next year, it still will not be complete, cause there's always bugs and holes deep in its core, midgets at redmond will still come up with bunch of service packs, security patches. this endless, mindless update loop will corrupt the technology industry for the years to come..

Yet there's still idiots out there willing to pay $400 bucks for this piece of incomplete software, i don't get it