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Microsoft adds 1-million DRM-free tracks to Zune Marketplace (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2007 8:05AM Nice how you shamelessly link to the Gizmodo article with the anchor text of "upgrade your firmware to get all the new features." Yet I've been waiting since yesterday and coaxing my Zune to get the updated firmware with no success. So how exactly do you update your current model Zune? Because neither your article nor the article you linked to contains any information on how to do this, even though you are making it seem like it does.

Micro camcorder dubbed the 'world's smallest' (Engadget)

Sep 24th 2007 1:02PM Err, the big green flashing LED makes this a spy camera how?


Heroes episode to be edited in future broadcasts (AOL TV)

Oct 20th 2006 12:55AM I had no exposure to the brand insinkerator before this. They sued over a product plug, stupid. Here's the video of it http://www.superhiro.org/infamous-heroes-claire-garbage-disposal-scene-vt70.html

Heroes: Don't Look Back (AOL TV)

Oct 20th 2006 12:53AM Comprehensive list of all the heroes powers and abilities, including Sylar


In-Sink-Erator sues NBC over scene in Heroes (AOL TV)

Oct 20th 2006 12:49AM http://www.superhiro.org/infamous-heroes-claire-garbage-disposal-scene-vt70.html

Totally stupid. Like anyone would expect different if they stuck their frickin hand in a garbage disposla

Heroes: Don't Look Back (AOL TV)

Oct 20th 2006 12:48AM If you've missed any episodes http://www.superhiro.org has some pretty detailed recaps

The Five: New shows that are already getting old (AOL TV)

Oct 20th 2006 12:46AM Link for you Heroes fans


Great resource with videos photos and a ton of spoilers.

Heroes fans, prepare to hate me (AOL TV)

Oct 20th 2006 12:45AM Best. Show. EVER!