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EVO 4G shortages may hurt 4G adoption, Sprint gives customers in seven new cities the chance to be disappointed (Engadget)

Jul 12th 2010 1:48PM @Frankenstein Black

That's what I told someone trying to get me to go to a WiMax in Government technology seminar.

Sprint lines up Epic 4G against the competition, likes its chances (Engadget)

Jun 28th 2010 10:49PM Would like a comparison between the EVO's 1GHz processor and the Epic's 1GHz "Hummingbird" processor

HTC EVO 4G gets an OTA software update (Engadget)

Jun 28th 2010 11:27AM @CrzySheeit How can you tell what hardware version you have?

Windows Live Essentials beta is ready for your downloading delight (Engadget)

Jun 24th 2010 7:16PM @TikiTeko Really want an Android client.

KiFit tells you how many calories you're not burning, other sad details of your unhealthy existence (Engadget)

Jun 20th 2010 9:48AM Fitbit does nearly as much for only $100 up front and no monthly cost.

Radio Shack stores getting WiMAX upgrades ahead of Evo launch? (Engadget)

May 22nd 2010 11:01AM There is only one reason they are doing this: they want to be sure that the 4G reception in their stores is amazing to help sell the Evo to people who will want to see how fast it is before they buy. Since 4G coverage is somewhat limited or at least weak in cities where it has launched, they are worried that that they will be stuck with weak 4G or, worse, 3G when demoing the phone.

Clearwire promises Clear-branded HTC and Samsung WiMAX phones this year (Engadget)

May 5th 2010 8:23PM I'm hoping that one of them is a QWERTY slider. I need my physical keyboard and desperately want to upgrade from my TouchPro.

Facebook takes chat feature offline to plug gaping privacy hole -- ready to delete your account yet? (Download Squad)

May 5th 2010 2:54PM The problem is that FB does not see its users as its customers. Users (and their data) is what FB mines and sells to its true customers. As such, FB doesn't see any reason to do much to protect its users and their privacy or even respect the choices the users have made. Their changes are tested for ability to improve data mining, not for security. The solution is for FB to offer a "Private User Account" option in which users pay FB $5 per month or something similar and get all the benefits of using FB (sharing with friends) with a guarantee of 100% control over their personal information and no surreptitious, middle-of-the-night changes that require you to affirmatively opt out of them. If users become a direct source of revenue, they become customers and thus are more likely to be treated reasonably well by FB.

Right now, the only thing that will get FB to change the way they protect user-data is if users start leaving in droves and I don't see that happening any time soon.

HP buys Palm (Engadget)

Apr 28th 2010 4:30PM I really wanted HTC to purchase Palm but HP makes sexy hardware too. Imagine this: Slate running WebOS. That could really give the iPad a BIG time run for its money. Good form factor, nice design, great OS.