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Opera 11.10 Barracuda adds infinite Speed Dial (Download Squad)

Feb 25th 2011 11:33PM You can, for the first time ever, drag and drop speed dials in the position you want, no longer theyre static, so you can easily set the ones you use the most in the upper visible section and the rest below.

First Opera 11.10 "Barracuda" snapshot available for download (Download Squad)

Feb 17th 2011 8:35PM @Jeffrey You surely will miss users like you.

Opera 11.10 Barracuda incoming (Download Squad)

Feb 17th 2011 12:15PM @Martin H. Hamstad

It has adblock since october last year.

Internet Explorer 9 RC released: Everything you need to know (Download Squad)

Feb 10th 2011 9:44PM Since Im on Linux, I cant try it, but when you say it feels faster than Firefox, do you really mean Firefox 4.0, I dont care for FF 3.6.x, it is on its way out.

And how about Opera vs IE9? anybody?

The best (or worst) security breaches of 2010 (Download Squad)

Dec 29th 2010 8:03PM well google cant complaint about wikileaks revealing secret info about US embassies, can they?

3-way hardware accelerated browser rematch: Internet Explorer 9 finally on top (video) (Download Squad)

Nov 30th 2010 7:48PM @(Unverified)

Now all accounts are "Unverified"

Very funny, and about your comment, whats Opera then? BTW Safari = Capitalist dog plus.

Firefox 4 UI update brings snazzy, new alert pop-ups (Download Squad)

Nov 21st 2010 2:47PM They are ALERTS, are meant to be noticed, not ignored.

How to enable Google Instant Previews in Opera (Download Squad)

Nov 12th 2010 8:59PM Theres already an extension to do that.

10+ handy Opera 11 extensions (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2010 12:06AM About blurry images, well, just disable Turbo.

And what about an arrow next to refresh?

When you are on a site that you have previously saved your password, it becomes a key so you can fill username and password, but on other webs it will take you to the next page, altought it doesnt work well in all websites.