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Apple ranks third in BusinessWeek customer service survey (

Feb 22nd 2010 7:54PM Last 3 trips to the apple store...picking up a laptop magic mouse and headphones...couldn't get arrested at the one would help me

There's a new center table where colored shirts gather...and ignore people. Then if you go the back of the store where they used to have people to help you check out...they say they can't help you....even tho....they're standing there doing nothing. (cause now they have all the same color shirt...including the "genius" bar)

Colored shirts passing me left and right...not making eye and out of the back office door of secrecy. I felt like I was back in high school...and wasn't part of the cool kids.


VW Tiguan buyers get a Golf... temporarily (Autoblog)

May 29th 2008 3:33PM I was really excited about the car...till I saw the price...the SEL going for 35K and you're right...the one I looked had no nav at that price....4K more gets you a Touareg.

Windows Genuine Advantage validation servers down (Download Squad)

Aug 26th 2007 1:23AM I tried to download the vista patches...and it was telling my MSDN copy of vista couldn't be customer service...and or get a new copy. Glad I'm not the only one seeing that.

Survey: what will Intel-iBooks be called? (

Jan 10th 2006 9:02PM iBook will stay the same. They're dropping all the "Power" names. The question is...what will the Powermac G5 be called? Mac or Apple Core Duo... :D