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Hulu Plus now available to all, price dropped to $7.99 a month (Download Squad)

Nov 17th 2010 10:05AM I've been rocking Hulu+ since August and I love it. It keeps me company while I work in the evenings. I've cranked through several complete series. I was still awake when this announcement hit my inbox this AM and sure enough, I went to check my account and I'd already received a $10 credit. $2 for each month and a bonus thank you of $2. Good move on their part.

Facebook to launch alleged "Gmail killer" on Monday? (Download Squad)

Nov 12th 2010 10:18AM I might not love Google but I trust their ability to protect my email communication a far cry more than I trust Facebook to do, well, anything.

Facebook privacy controls will be simplified, says Zuckerberg (Download Squad)

May 24th 2010 4:01PM Is it just me or is it weird that he went op-eding this instead of you know, communicating directly to the members he "serves"?

I hear from Facebook when anyone sneezes so why not actually mea culpa this directly to the user population?