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12 Days of Joyswag: Halo Reach-themed Xbox 360, Halo Anniversary, and Turtle Beach PX5 headset (Joystiq)

Dec 24th 2011 12:23AM "Hey man, nice kill." This is me ending someone's 18 kill streak in Reach.

12 Days of Joyswag: Nintendo DS and eleven (11!) games (Joystiq)

Dec 22nd 2011 11:20PM Well, the phrase "There's my steed" comes to mind...

Nintendo 3DS circle pad attachment coming to Japan on Dec. 10 (Joystiq)

Sep 13th 2011 2:23AM @DaHeroOftime Magic seems most likely.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution coming to Mac this 'winter 2011/12' (Joystiq)

Sep 12th 2011 10:00AM @John Z I'd guess no. Feral did the port of Borderlands for Mac, and they didn't put it on Steam. Seems like they're against SteamPlay.

Incubus is the next band to have a video game (Joystiq)

Jul 16th 2011 7:09PM @patboy2008 Anamanaguchi made Scott Pilgrim's soundtrack amazing. SO GOOD

Free Klassic Noob and Smoke with Mortal Kombat Compatibility Pack 2 (Joystiq)

Jul 3rd 2011 10:17PM They kompletely missed their opportunity to call this the Kompatibility Pack.

Rundown of new changes in Lion Developer Preview 3 (TUAW.com)

May 14th 2011 11:39PM They're there in DP2 also. I'm pretty sure they were there in DP1.

Day-one texture pack released for Dragon Age 2 (Joystiq)

Mar 8th 2011 4:43PM @LEONLEONLEON I mean it's 1GB of extra crap they may not have had room for on disk, that only a very small subset of users could take advantage of.