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Oxford University surprises students with Spotify ban (Download Squad)

Jan 18th 2010 10:18PM A unit of measurement? Is that like, something you can count? I'll have one bandwidth instead of two please!! Take it you're not at Oxford then.

NY teen arrested after leaving threatening note on screen in Apple Store (TUAW.com)

Jan 16th 2010 8:35AM Free speech! Free speech! Get your free speech here!

Thank you, that'll be 7 years please...

And the next thing you know T-shirts with 'offensive' slogans will be worth 7 days...

More proof of Jeremy Clarkson's literary genius (Autoblog)

Jun 3rd 2007 6:23AM The 'London Times'?! There's no such thing!!

Why not - "The UK 'Times' newspaper"...

Honda Accord ADAS auto-pilot system takes the reins (Engadget)

Jan 31st 2006 4:51AM
#7 - How does rampant alcoholism have *anything* to do with drinking & driving?

You'll find the UK to have some of the safest roads in the world, and drink driving (and other related social misdemeanours, e.g. shooting) to be much more a problem over your side of the pond.

Hands-on with the MacBook Pro (Engadget)

Jan 10th 2006 9:05PM

Could all those sitting in the corner complaining about the lack of a right-mouse button please sit up?

WTF is the point of comparing a trackpad button with a mouse button? You use your *fingers* to press mouse buttons. You use your *thumb* to press a trackpad button.

Note the singular in *thumb*. Now try operating a two-button mouse with one finger and realise why Apple engineers passed on this unergonomic fad .

Apple's MacBook Pro (Engadget)

Jan 10th 2006 3:47PM Ugh!! Infra-red in 2006??

That IR sensor needs to be Clearasil'd away; why use line-of-sight when even games consoles come with wireless controllers?

Think I'll stick with Salling Clicker and my original 15" (1.25) AlBook, at least until the next Rev adopts:

- FW800 (they've brought back line-ins before)
- LED screen backlighting (a la SONY) for a thinner lid, longer battery life and much improved contrast
- Screen-mounted surface-emitting speakers (a la NEC)
- Slimline bezel (compare with the original TiBook design); that integrated, fixed iSight looks pretty ungainly for the use it'll get
- Higher res screen (1440 x 960 min.)
- 8x DVD-R DL (or Blu Ray?)
- Touchpad with support for use as a stylus (ideal for Photoshopping)
- More innovation!! Where's the design revolution that the transition from PowerBook G3 --> G4 brought?

On the upside, PowerBook G4s will be phased out before the iBooks go Intel, assuming they'll be "2x" as fast as the baseline 1.67 PowerBook? What a bargain!