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Kendall Weaver

Member since: May 12th, 2010

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What's all the fuss about Peppermint OS? (Download Squad)

May 12th 2010 3:03AM I actually do appreciate your comments and I feel there is a deal of insight to be both observed and learned from here.

I actually had very little to do with the way Peppermint has been portrayed in the market thus far. It was conceived as "cloud-centric" not "cloud-integrated" and this seems to have caused a deal of misunderstandings about what we are really trying to accomplish, but I'll not get into any of that here.

There are a few things that need to be addressed though. Prism isn't exactly what anyone could call a household name and it's a brilliant implementation of a certain type of technology. Why is this?

Think about the statement regarding "groundbreaking" and the answer: "No, it's not." Think about the mixture of certain applications and technologies and how those have affected the world as a whole. Think about how sometimes in order to do something that impacts people you don't need to create, you just need to innovate with what's already there for you.

Carroll Shelby didn't create an innovative new car. Shelby didn't create the fastest car in the world, nor did he create the lightest car in the world. Shelby didn't design an engine from scratch, nor did he design a chassis from scratch. What Shelby did was he took a few preexisting technologies and put them together to create something that impacted the world. He took an AC Cobra and a 427 Ford V8 and he created a car that will be remembered through the ages as one of the best conceived and best implemented ideas ever.

I'm not saying that I'm the next Shelby, but I am saying that it's often possible to innovate using the tools and materials laying right in front of you. On that note, think about how the LAMP stack came to be.

I created Peppermint because I saw a niche that nobody else seemed to be filling. This is not for lack of trying on anyone's part, but I figured I'd have a go at it. If you haven't, read my blog entry on this, there's a link farther up in the comments. I chose the Ubuntu code base for a reason, and I chose to build it the way I built it for a reason.

I'll stop here for the sake of space Mr. Matthews, but if you're ever in Western North Carolina I'd love to buy you a drink or two and chat it up for a few hours.

Kendall Weaver
Lead Developer for Peppermint OS
Maintainer for Linux Mint