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What's all the fuss about Peppermint OS? (Download Squad)

May 11th 2010 11:06PM I think your review is way off. I've been using Ubuntu since 5.04 and think this peppermint OS is awesome. So light weight and really fast (what Xubuntu should be!?!)! My Atom based netbook runs awesome. The only thing your correct about is that this cloud stuff is overused, but I think this is a great full distro. I'm going to use in one of my older desktops as well now that I see how smooth in runs (an older P4 with 512MB of RAM is not that snappy with Ubuntu 10.04). For your information, run taskmanager on the same computer, doing the same activities and you will see just how efficient this OS is - uses about half the CPU and memory (or less) than a standard ubuntu install. Great job Peppermint team, you've got a fan!