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The time has come for me to say goodbye to Facebook too (Download Squad)

May 23rd 2010 2:07AM Even if you delete your account they still keep most of your data it is all Lies, lies I tell you! lol... but thats the truth... dlete your account, wait 14 days, 21 days or 21 months... you can still log back in and it knows who all your friends are, no need to ever re-register, they keep everything.

Facebook takes chat feature offline to plug gaping privacy hole -- ready to delete your account yet? (Download Squad)

May 5th 2010 9:25PM Several months ago I deleted by FB account (I have now done this 2 times and i know for sure this is a matter of fact). It told me that it takes 14 days for all of my information to be permanently deleted from FB servers.
"We have received a request to permanently delete your account. Your account has been deactivated from the site and will be permanently deleted within 14 days."

First of all, what in the world takes them 14 days to do. Is FB saying that it takes 14 days to remove a user from its DB? A Simple SQL query? To remove my content from its Media Servers and its CDN? Why? what is it doing for 14 days?

Let me say this again I "Deleted" my account not "Deactivate" it. So it has been several months. Last night, I went to check what would happen if I used my old e-mail and password and try to login. Would it fail? As it should. If everything has been deleted, should I not get an error saying there is no such account? Well to my "surprise" it evidently was not deleted. All my content was gone, my friends were gone but somehow it knew who all my friends should be? How is that possible? How did it know who to suggest as my friend if all my information has been deleted. It should be like starting over from scratch. Is that what privacy is for? Not for FB to keep all my information in perpetuity. The only way it could know who my old friends where is to keep a record of it.

I want to understand what they mean by Privacy and protecting consumers. What other company is doing this.

Thanks for your help. I would e-mail FB but I doubt I would ever get a satisfactory reply, only some excuses. Hopefully I will finally be able to delete my account today, well... i guess not really since the above is true it is never really "deleted"