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iTunes 9: The Download Squad Review (Download Squad)

Sep 10th 2009 2:40AM I agree, though I'll give them credit - Apple did finally give back some view customization options. Not only can you get rid of Genres again, you can move the columns from left back to top, show & hide any of them, there's a new album art column. With a little tweaking you can get it looking pretty Zune-like.

I'll probably go back to Zune tomorrow, but with a bonus kick in speed this is the first time in months I've been able to stand using iTunes for more than syncing so that says a lot.

Oh and I didn't think about the 4.0 Zune update, how exciting!!

REPORT: North American International Auto Show likely to move out of Detroit, see other people (Autoblog)

Apr 17th 2009 5:55PM It was neither unions nor necessarily democrats that took over Detroit. Unions wrecked US automakers, but Detroit was wrecked long before that.

But they certainly are a mixed-up bunch in city hall who place more importance on their "pride" than in actual priorities for the city.

Create PDF from web pages in Chrome, Opera, or on your iPhone (Download Squad)

Jan 23rd 2009 12:51PM Note, this doesn't appear to work with any site you have to log in to (it spits out the unsecured home page), so not particularly useful for private purposes, such as training etc. Too bad.

AOL.com launches a new redesign and it doesn't suck! (Download Squad)

Oct 30th 2008 9:54PM There is. It's called Netvibes.

Raconteurs, more Hendrix coming to Guitar Hero World Tour next month (Joystiq)

Oct 29th 2008 10:19PM We need a Weezer pack spanning a number of albums. Give a listen to "Say it ain't so" and tell me that wouldn't be an awesome song for all instruments...

8 can't-miss Adium Xtras (Download Squad)

Oct 29th 2008 3:15PM WHOA what the heck happened to downloadsquad?! Pretty shocking after just being on a couple hours ago. :)

Looks nice, don't know if I like the tilted logo though. It get kind of overwhelmed by the green. Maybe a darker border would help...

Yahoo! starts to roll out new homepage (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2008 1:41AM That is nicer - too bad it's in Spanish :P

Yahoo! starts to roll out new homepage (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2008 1:40AM I never liked the current redesign, too many different shading directions going on, and the header never looked good up against the top of the window. But this, I LIKE!

Oosah offers 1TB of free online media storage (Download Squad)

Sep 17th 2008 7:43PM I have to skip this only because I know I'll never remember the name when I need it again.

Sting, Tool join Guitar Hero World Tour's lineup (Joystiq)

Sep 5th 2008 6:49PM How exactly does a home user "sing along" to a Tool song anyway? This should be interesting...