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Jay's 10 favorite free Mac apps of 2009 (Download Squad)

Jan 10th 2010 4:18PM My 10+1:

Adium - IM
Cruz - browser
Droplr - files, images, screenshots sharing
Jumpcut - clipboard buffering
Smultron - text editor

Screencast for, well, screencasts (

Oct 25th 2007 6:53PM Have a look to:

Screencast via web without apps.

Making Screencasts (

Mar 16th 2007 5:57AM A lot of screencast applications are missing for Mac OS X like Camtasia, Macromedia Captivate/Robodemo or Qarbon. Is also missing a Mac version of freeware Wink that make flash movie instead of .mov. You can use freesoftware wnc2swf, but nobody compiled a osx version of Xvidcap.

Have also a look to great mac screencast made by


Where are the Mac OS X portable applications? (

Oct 12th 2006 3:56PM Re: #34, Dan are you sure? I did your clue copying app and preferences on my external drive, but everytime a new/vanilla preference folder is created in my ~/Library/Application Support.
Is there someone that can confirm me Dan's tip?

Where are the Mac OS X portable applications? (

Oct 12th 2006 9:35AM Yes, all OS X Portable apps store their preferences on external drive.
This is achieved using a -flag to set the profile path or with a symlink hack.
All are free sosftware so you can see the shell script code that open the portable app.

Most of them ask if you wish copy your preference to your external drive.
Try last portable release of Camino:
Warning: data and password stored on Kaychain are *not* prortable.

A portable version of Safari, Mail, iCal and AddressBook are under development.

Please post any question or request at Portable Apps OS X support forum: