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FollowUp.cc is like a more powerful FollowUpThen without the annoying image (Download Squad)

Aug 5th 2010 6:01PM Hi Erez, thanks for the great review. The Snooze Links are our favorite feature too.

On your point of an open source version, for these types of apps to work correctly, they do need to see the email itself, and I assume most people are not the type to run a service on their mail server. In addition, since most people's mail servers are hosted, how are you going to run such a service? (Browser Extensions only partially solve the problem because they need to be open all the time) Lastly, you could provide your email credentials to a service like ours and let it work that way, but even then, that's still a security risk (and why we don't ask for them currently).


P.S. - http://web.archive.org/web/20080103034829/http://followup.cc/ (even though we launched the first version in Summer of '07)

FollowUpThen updates with new "pending" feature, date formats (Download Squad)

Apr 28th 2010 12:28PM Cool to see that they're iterating on their product. I have to point out though, that my service FollowUp.cc, http://www.followup.cc, which came out long before theirs, has had this reminder syntax all along, and is a much more full featured site while retaining its lightweight usage.

You can one click snooze reminders, manage them on a calendar, subscribe to RSS and iCal feeds of them, and even update existing reminders by setting a new one on your threads as the conversation evolves. Definitely worth checking out if you like this service.