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CyanogenMod 7 is testing in the wild, bringing Gingerbread to 14 more Android devices (Download Squad)

Jan 20th 2011 10:42AM Wondering if it's working on the Motorola Milestone.

PwnageTool iOS 4.3 beta jailbreak released (Download Squad)

Jan 13th 2011 3:07PM Would this require tether boot for the iPad and the ATV2, like the previous version?

Parrot Asteroid Puts Android in Your Dash, Makes Car Stereos Cool Again (Switched)

Jan 8th 2011 3:45PM It seems to be more tightly integrated with the iPod/iPhone than with Android devices... weird for an Android based device.

The 12 best apps for your new Android device (Download Squad)

Jan 8th 2011 1:37PM God! Is that my desk in the picture with the little android? Haha. I got the same figurine and the same keyboard on a wood textured desk :P

Handbrake-powered VidCoder gets a native 64-bit version (Download Squad)

Jan 8th 2011 9:55AM I've tried VidCoder yesterday, couldn't figure out how to do quick batch encoding, so I found out "HandBrake Batch Encoder". Works pretty well, can tag m4v files, can do batch encoding really easily, has presets, it's basically just a GUI for the excellent Handbrake encoder. It can be found on this website: http://videoscripts.wordpress.com/.

Escape the Tedium of Life in 'Everyday The Same Dream' (Switched)

Dec 1st 2010 9:59PM Gotta love the cow.

BeejiveIM for Android giveaway (Download Squad)

Nov 12th 2010 5:34PM Woot, freebies! :D

Skype for Android now faster and available on smaller screens (Download Squad)

Nov 9th 2010 11:52AM Does it still run a process in the background even when Skype is closed and signed out? That was the biggest drawback for me.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread available to Nexus One users "in the next few days" (Download Squad)

Nov 8th 2010 7:11AM Probably won't go on the Motorola Milestone (Droid in Canada). We still haven't got the 2.2 release. We're expecting it in March.

Long life custom roms ;)