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Double Fusion slows down WipEout HD with ads (Joystiq)

Aug 3rd 2009 9:41PM I'm in two minds about this - there is a lot of content that you pay for that has ads - take Pay TV for instance, or the above-mentioned movies.

Also, wipEout was one of the first games to feature in-game advertising. Red Bull.

It really added to the atmosphere of the game having billboards around the track that were featuring real products that were, I suppose, relevant to the wipEout demographic.

The point to note is that the gameplay was in no way compromised, wipEout always prided itself on pure gameplay, and for them to accept in-game advertising that hampers the gameplay is pretty sad.

I was seriously considering purchasing the game, but I'm not going to now.

Has Apple cracked down on unlocker-resellers? (

Oct 15th 2007 11:27PM Why the hell not take advantage of becoming an Apple reseller - at least then they will be able to buy iPhones at wholesale rates (not a massive saving off RRP, but a saving nonetheless)

Parallels to let you run OS X on a non-Mac box? (Download Squad)

Jan 23rd 2007 1:05AM Yes, it works... But...
I've seen it in action - 10.4.8 running in VMWare on Windows XP - but it was an illegal version of Mac OS X someone downloaded off bittorrent that had been hacked to remove the TPM checking parts... In other words, it was a version of OS X for generic PC hardware and as such was not only illegal, but comes with no support from Apple whatsoever.

Oh, and no, I didn't inhale...

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: Slingbox PRO! (Engadget)

Oct 14th 2006 4:50AM Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro - Is there any other choice?

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: a second Nikon S7c WiFi camera (Engadget)

Oct 6th 2006 10:36PM Around Docklands in Melbourne - there's some stunning new architecture around the place, it's really good...

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: a second Xbox 360 Premium pack (Engadget)

Oct 6th 2006 10:34PM Forza Motorsports 2.
All that needs to be said.

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: Slingbox AV! (Engadget)

Oct 6th 2006 10:26PM I've currently got a SD Samsung STB, which while it's a great unit (it's a DTV-B receiver that locks on to low signals really well, and changes channels as fast as analogue free-to-air channels) but it's only standard def.
Should I be lucky to score one of these babies, well then that's a good excuse to run past the wife to go and get a shiny new High-def STB!