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Why Diaspora will win (Download Squad)

May 21st 2010 2:19PM I think Diaspora has a noble goal, but their setup is too complicated for normal users to understand. What the heck is a distributed social network? I don't understand that completely and I develop software for a living. Besides, makes attaining any form of privacy pretty questionable over the long run anyway. Is Diaspora doomed to fail as presently envisioned? Maybe they ought to work on making Diaspora a specific tab within Facebook where users could share data without Facebook having any form of access to it. That might become popular very quickly because it'll be right in front of everybody normal who uses it.

Last Shot - Looks About Right (Urlesque)

May 20th 2010 7:59PM LOL, WTF. I haven't seen anything that creepy since

I hope they look better in real life than they look there or they'll make some ugly children, hahah.

The time has come for me to say goodbye to Facebook too (Download Squad)

May 17th 2010 8:21PM I don't get why people are so uptight about Facebook privacy. The settings are very clunky, but you still have absolute control over how and what information is presented. It's all up to you no matter how angry the blogosphere gets about privacy. To me, as long as its consensual, there's no real privacy issues. I think that and others might be bigger issues down the road because there is no consent on there at all when posting personal information about anybody. It's certainly your right to quit Facebook if you want to Erez, but my prediction is that you'll return fairly soon to be quite honest.

Microsoft fires poorly-aimed privacy missile at Google Chrome (Download Squad)

Mar 31st 2010 10:56PM I don't think Microsoft should be resorting to something like this. IE9 (and I think IE has historically been awful) is shaping up very nicely. Despite losing market share to Chrome recently there's no reason for them to panic and resort to this.

But on the bigger issue of privacy. Privacy online is pretty much dead. Google knows exactly what you're doing. Facebook knows more about you than you do. Twitter knows what you like and don't like. People are posting about you on and you can't stop it. It's just funny that privacy is made out to be an issue anymore when its so obviously dead.