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Photosharing - comparing Flickr, Photobucket and Zooomr (Download Squad)

May 20th 2008 9:03PM What about Phanfare (www.phanfare.com) or SmugMug (www.smugmug.com)?

How much money do I need for Vietnam? (Gadling)

Feb 27th 2008 4:35AM Well... just to clarify, "dong" (VND) in Vietnamese doesn't sound like what you think. It sounds a lot more like "dome".

As far as carrying dollar bills, it really depends on where you are. Just about all the touristy places (such as much of the Old Quarter of Hanoi) will take USD and as was said some of those places will only tell you the price in dollars. Not that it really matters, because things are so cheap anyway... but bargaining in dollars can have the effect of tricking you into overpaying. $30 for a nice painting or something might not sound like that much... but when you realize how many bowls of Pho you could have bought with that same amount of VND, you might reconsider.

Last warning: think again about bringing Traveler's Checks. Not every bank will even know what they are. I tried exchanging them for VND at one bank and they just looked really confused and said no. I tried to explain in my super-broken Vietnamese as I pointed, saying, "American Money! American Money!" but they just kept saying, "No". As was mentioned, you're better off just using an ATM.

Personally, I can't comment very much on how safe VN is at night. I lived in Hanoi for a month and had absolutely no problems. That said, I was never out later than midnight. People are out in the streets til 10 or 11pm in the summer just hanging out and the traffic doesn't stop until 2am or so. I never once felt unsafe. The people are extremely friendly and the worse I ever experienced was being told a higher price for items than they would offer to a fellow VNese... and even that was done with a smile.

I distinguish safety of person from safety of property. There are people everywhere of course who will try to take your stuff. A friend of mine had her wallet stolen out of her bag while we were at the crowded night market held every weekend in the old quarter. Another friend who had lived in VN for about a year had her bag snatched out of her bicycle's basket while riding. My point is, while there is crime like everywhere, these are not instances of violence.

Honestly, as far as safety goes, you have a lot more to fear about the traffic (if you're in a VNese city) than anything else.

Ryanair Flight Attendants like you've never seen them before (Gadling)

Nov 20th 2007 4:26AM I really don't appreciate these off-topic posts about bikini-clad girls or playboy photo shoots. While any smart alecky kid can make the case that it is travel-related ("The girls in bikinis are stewardesses of an airline and people use airlines to travel. So there."), this really has nothing to do with interesting travel destinations, tips, deals, or gear--the kinds of things a travel blog would be expected to cover.

More than that, it's just tactless. Who wants to be reading a travel blog at work or in a public library and have someone walk by when the first thing on your screen is a photo of a girl in a bikini top in a suggestive pose?

I understand that it's your blog and you can post whatever you want, and that not everyone may agree with my take on this, but I figured I'd add my two cents.

Ahoy, mateys! Win a license for CallBurner (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2007 4:45PM So do I still get entered into the contest if I don't write like a pirate? Eh... better not risk it.


Yahoo! lets you move your photos to Flickr and other services (Download Squad)

Jun 14th 2007 4:28PM If anyone's looking for a new place to host their photos (and videos), I really recommend Phanfare Photo: I've been using it for about 4 months now and it is an amazing service with great customer support and painless uploading that you don't have to babysit: http://blog.phanfare.com/2007/05/goodbye-yahoo-photos/

Ask DLS: How can I turn this CD into a podcast? (Download Squad)

Jun 13th 2007 10:26AM Michelle Y- If you're looking for a place to host the sermons, you definitely need to check out sermonaudio.com

It is without question THE place for churches to make their sermons available online. Check out this link for information about the service and how to get started: http://www.sermonaudio.com/services.asp

Picasa Web Albums introduces embeddable Flash slideshows (Download Squad)

May 18th 2007 8:48AM Picasa's great and all, but its storage rates are outrageous. Check out www.phanfare.com instead.

Politicians aim at terrorist web presence (Download Squad)

May 4th 2007 9:37AM Wow. I really just can't believe the ignorance of this post. First, yes, it is Islamist terrorists specifically who pose the greatest threat to the United States. Read a newspaper. People don't become terrorists without an ideology, and currently, the most prevalent ideology which drives terrorism is Islamo-Fascism.

"A review of the hearing gives the impression that the government is contemplating starting a program to police cyberspace."

That is a highly misleading, half-truth at best. A review of the hearing gives the impression that specific governing officials (e.g. Sen. Lieberman, who is quoted above) support the idea of actively working against efforts by specific terrorist groups to spread propaganda and coordinate attacks against the United States and its allies. What you said here (and further down below when you sketched out your slippery slope argument) implied that the U.S. Government as a whole was planning on controlling all internet content.

"Not to say that terrorism should be tolerated, but is the internet really the source of the problem?"

You're right, the internet isn't the source of the problem; the Islamo-Fascist ideology and those who would spread it are the source of the problem. But the internet is a tool in the hands of such people by which they spread their message.

"Even if the Al-Qaida presence is shut down online, will that really end terrorism? At best, it slows them down temporarily. Is that worth the cost?"

No, it won't end terrorism. I hope it slows them down, if only temporarily. Just what exactly is the cost? Are you worried that efforts to hamper the effectiveness of terrorist communication and recruiting will defile your "blessed internet"?

"If you start policing the internet for terrorists, why stop there? Why not take down any anti-American website? Why not take down any site that isn't completely pro-America?"

Slippery slope 'arguments' are the last resort for sophists who don't actually have an argument. They sound compelling, but there's no bite because it's purely hypothetical. Please give an *argument* for why the U.S. will slide from monitoring, infiltrating, and sometimes shutting down terrorist websites, all the way to becoming the world-wide internet Thought Police where no site is allowed to exist except those which are pro Uncle Sam.

"Perhaps we should be worrying about physical terrorism, instead of online terrorist conversations."

Physical terrorism is propagated by means of terrorist conversations, online or otherwise.

"If nothing else, these sites give us an insight into what the terrorists are thinking."

Which is exactly why the C-Net article your post linked to stated the following: "They repeatedly said the answer to dealing with what they deemed a serious threat lies in a combination of approaches: using technical measures to shut down sites deemed particularly threatening may sometimes be worthwhile, but it's often more prudent to allow sites to remain active for intelligence-gathering purposes." They do use the sites to gain insight into what the terrorists are thinking. Sometimes they shut them down.

"These sites aren't doing any harm, it's the terrorists themselves that are the problem."

Again from C-Net article: "Leaders of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs said they're troubled that extremists are increasingly flocking to the Web to recruit, organize, conduct online courses, raise funds and plan attacks in a manner that's cheaper and speedier than ever before." Please explain how the sites aren't doing any harm.