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Netgear brings the goods to CeBIT: HD streamers, HomePlug AV adapters (Engadget)

Mar 1st 2010 4:15PM @KClough

WNHDEB111 is a wonderful device. I've used it four times for jobs where people refuse to pay for me to run a line, and it has never let me down. I plug them in, press a button. And they are done in 2 minutes flat. I've had these things 125 feet apart before and they were still getting their 19Mb/s internet speed and transferring files pretty quickly. So if they take the WNHDEB111 design, and add in more ethernet ports and 4x4 MIMO, then I am all over this as an ethernet substitute.

Netgear brings the goods to CeBIT: HD streamers, HomePlug AV adapters (Engadget)

Mar 1st 2010 4:09PM @(Unverified)

Yep, no substitute at all. Except the superior 1000Mb/s CAT6 cable.

5 desktop apps that'll make swift work of FaceVille -- er, Facebook! (Download Squad)

Jan 18th 2010 1:34PM Digsby is the best facebook client, and facebook chat client on Windows.

How would you change Apple's iPhone 3GS? (Engadget)

Aug 1st 2009 12:59AM Put it on every provider, and sell it at Apple Stores unlocked as a CDMA/GSM world device
Open up multi-tasking, as well as a way to switch between open applications
800mhz-1ghz Processor; 384MB RAM
Sliding keyboard on par with HTC Touch Pro 2
Front facing VGA camera
5 Megapixel Camera
3.6" LED LCD 480x800 Resolution
FM Radio/Application
Flash player in Safari Mobile
More open app store, but keep it moderated. Stop denying applications because they compete with already installed applications.
Ability to fully uninstall all applications (Stocks, Music player, Web Browser, Anything) and be able to substitute with an App Store alternative
Ability to put a background on the home screen

Joyswag: Win a Metal Gear Online beta entry code (Joystiq)

Apr 16th 2008 6:05PM Where are the integrated PSN IDs? Ask Snake. Snake? Snake!? SNAKKKEEEEEEEEEE?

Custom PC's ten hardest games ever (Joystiq)

Jul 18th 2007 10:33PM The original 2d Prince of Persia anyone? Thats a challenge.

Giveaway: have an iPhone on us! (Engadget)

Jun 29th 2007 11:41PM Checking Engadget on the run of course. :P

While listening to Megadeth.

My sister's quest for a Wii (Joystiq)

Jan 22nd 2007 6:34PM It was a bad idea to put your 13 year old sister on here bud. Just so you know.