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Dear Meat publishes letters from people to objects (Download Squad)

Aug 15th 2010 5:33AM Although a nice project, I found this other one much more inspiring (recommended by Seth Godin himself):

Are these the first images of Google Chrome OS? (Download Squad)

Jul 30th 2009 10:43AM My verdict:
just the work of a clever and industrious techy.. nice job!

First Mafia II gameplay video features gunplay, cursing (Joystiq)

Apr 20th 2009 10:59AM Video is no longer available. Shame, was curious to see it...

Killzone 2 demo hitting Euro PSN on Feb. 5 [update] (Joystiq)

Feb 3rd 2009 5:16AM I can't wait for this game to finally be available to all.
I already had a preview when beta-testing the single-player, and can confirm the ratings you see online: this game will be a must-have!!!

Facebook now suggests "people you may know" (Download Squad)

Mar 27th 2008 2:58PM Good to know, Tony2X :-)
I really believe this is an excellent feature, as I never was patient enough to go through all my contact's friends to grow my network. :)

Facebook now suggests "people you may know" (Download Squad)

Mar 27th 2008 10:41AM I just found 5 contacts and added them to my list, I wouldn't have found them otherwise as going through everyone's profile and checking all their contacts is too much work. Great feature!

As privacy is regarded, I don't see a point, this only exposes what was already exposed by the search feature.

Tony2X, if you don't want to add someone you don't like, but he/she requested you, you have no choice but to be rude, they could have found you anyway... this is a real life rule, no way to avoid it.

I think allowing more ways to connect people instead of keeping them apart is the way to go, when you are considering a SOCIAL network.

YouTube needs a system for detecting duplicates (Download Squad)

Aug 1st 2007 1:02PM Honestly, I like to find duplicates because some have better quality (either video or sound) then others, so I'm happy to be able to bookmark a better version.

Why don't you pay for software? (Download Squad)

May 23rd 2007 4:00PM If there was an easy paying system, I would pay!
It is just a hassle to get your card and go through everything. If there was a unified password protected system that would charge directly at an account I have there for which I've already reserved there 50 Euros / Dollars, I would then use it for sure!
Uhmmmm, nice idea no?

Joost 0.9 released with better video and oh yeah, some ads too (Download Squad)

Apr 6th 2007 3:49PM I would like an invite because I want to turn off my TV while using the computer... not much point on sharing my focus on in two screens, right? ;-)