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Office 2010 RTM now available for download by Technet, MSDN subscribers (Download Squad)

Apr 22nd 2010 1:58PM Whoa, Microsoft actually reads download squad. Good thing you guys haven't been bashing them lately.

Google Chrome to pack internal Flash, Adobe Reader plugins? Of course it is. (Download Squad)

Mar 30th 2010 11:07AM I for one advocate this. I maintain my family's computers and one of the things I worry about when I am gone for long periods oversees is security b/c of outdated flash plugin.

In fact I told them all to switch to chrome b/c Firefox's update mechanism sucks, and flash's update mechanism is even more horrendous. Techheads might not think of it as a big deal, but Chrome's automatic update mechanism is future. Set and forget.

Firefox Friday -- your weekly dose of FOXINESS (Download Squad)

Mar 6th 2010 3:24PM I know this is ad nauseum, but Firefox really need to fix the slow cold start up. Lugging around your netbook or your labtop, sometimes just you need to get in and out real quick.

The fact that I have to resort to Chrome when I am really pressed for time despite being a Firefox faithful is beyond frustrating. Also the nightbuilds have made cold start up even slower so it looks like Mozilla is taking steps back instead of forward.